5 Secret Uses For Clear Nail Polish

Clear nail polish has been a life saver for me in many-a-situation throughout my life. Of course it helps prevent my nail color from chipping right away, but this mysterious clear liquid has a bunch of other uses that you may not be aware of.

Today I’m sharing 5 that I’ve discovered — and I’d love to hear the other ways that you’ve used it, too!

1. Prevent frayed shoelaces.

Brown boots, rose

You know when the tiny plastic tip of your shoelaces falls off, and your first thought is, “Sh*t. I’ll never be able to re-lace these”? Fear no more, my friends! Just coat the tip of the laces with clear nail polish and put your worries to rest.

2. Protect your skin from jewerly.

Painting earringsIf you have sensitive skin, you may develop a rash after your skin is exposed to jewelry made of certain metals. To help prevent this, you can first coat the portion of the metal that touches your skin with clear nail polish. This also can help prevent certain jewelry from turning your skin lovely shades of green!

3. Thread needles with ease.

Blue threadHow many hours of your life have you spent trying to thread a flimsy piece of thread into the teeny tiny hole of a needle?! Next time, dap a little clear nail polish on the tip of the thread and give it a few moments to dry. Voila! Super easy needle-threading.

4. Stop a stocking run in its tracks
Run stockings, thigh highs

Unfortunately I haven’t figured out a way to prevent stockings from snagging and running to begin with, but when you do get a run, dab some clear nail polish at either end of the run to stop it from spreading further!

5. Keep buttons in place
Yellow and white buttondownThis is a new one I just discovered! If you often fall victim to missing buttons, prevent future mishaps by dabbing a bit of clear nail polish just where the thread meets the button.

There you have it — 5 reasons to make sure you always keep some clear nail polish on hand! If you have any other uses to add to this, let us know!

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8 years ago

What a powerful little tool!


8 years ago

I love those boots in the top pic. Are they free people?

8 years ago

I like the button idea, never heard of that one before!
Xx, Tiffany {http://www.sunshinedaydreamphotography.com}

8 years ago

Oh this is so perfect! I only knew about number 4. Definitely excited about number 2.


8 years ago

The jewelry one, my grandmother thought me that one, for cheap jewelry that tarnishes really fast like silver tone. Paint the entire thing with clear nail polish and it always be shiny as new.

8 years ago

If you don’t have a rock polisher you can paint stones with clear nail polish and they look polished! This works with stones, bones, sticks, shells…probably many natural materials!

8 years ago

I knew about the runs in the stockings from before, but I really like the tip on using it for buttons! This will come in useful for the three boys I have who are always pulling buttons off! Thanks!

8 years ago

Paint the inside of cheap rings so your fingers don’t go green!

8 years ago

Spray hair spray on your tights to prevent them from running to begin with!

8 years ago

I used clear nail polish when a sequin shirt of mine snagged and the sequins started to fall off. It’s a 100% silk, vintage top and I didn’t trust my paltry sewing skills to fix it, so I just used a dab of nail polish and it stopped the sequins from falling.

8 years ago

it can also be used to keep any Rhinestones from falling off too quickly

8 years ago
8 years ago

i use it to keep friendship bracelets from coning tied right away when you first put them on :)

8 years ago

My skin is RIDICULOUS sensitive, so I have a bunch of bracelets I can’t wear. i’m gonna go try this right away.
Thank you VERY much! :)

8 years ago

Careful to those of you planning to use this to prevent skin reactions it’s a temporary fix only it will wear off and makes it difficult to sterilize the jewelry later on!

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