5 Valentine’s Day Alternatives To Fresh Cut Roses

When I think Valentine’s Day, I think a lot of things. I think pure true love, kindness, beauty… and roses. Fresh cut roses.

I love the beauty fresh cut flowers bring into a home, with their vibrant colors and magical scent. But it always upsets me how quickly they die. And while I may love displaying dried flowers in my home more than many, sometimes I just want something that will live a little longer! So for this Valentine’s Day, we’ve partnered with the plant-life experts at Terrain to share 5 alternatives to fresh cut roses — each of which will live much, much longer!

1. Heart-shaped Jasmine

Heart-shaped jasmineWell isn’t this beauty just perfect for Valentine’s Day? A fragrant bloom with petite white flowers, this jasmine has been specifically trained to grow in the unique shape of a heart!  You can purchase one of these in a beautiful birch pot at Terrain.

Caretaker tip: Jasmine prefers bright light conditions with moist soil.

2. Stargazer Lily

Stargazer lily

Another gorgeous plant with a beautiful fragrance, this lily has a bright pink bloom with white edging. You can transfer this to the garden in a few months — it will bloom mid to late summer, and grow and average of 3-4 feet tall!

Caretaker tip: Lilies prefer bright light conditions with moist soil.

3. Gardenia Topiary

Gardenia topiary

This plant has an extremely fragrant bright white bloom, and a beautifully unique braided, tree-like shape.

Caretaker tip: Gardenias prefer bright light conditions with moist soil.

4. Heart-shaped Succulent

Heart-shaped succulentsTerrain had just gotten this in when I arrived in their store the other morning — how unique a gift would this be? Multiple styles of mini succulents are configured into a heart shape — some of them have the potential to flower, too!

Caretaker tip: Succulents prefer bright light conditions, but only need to be watered once a week.

5. Potted Mini Rose

Potted mini rosesInstead of giving fresh cut roses, how about potted mini roses?! This way, they’ll last so much longer. With a mildly fragrant bloom and a potential to keep to about 12 inches tall, these guys are available at Terrain’s locations in red, pink, white, and yellow.

Caretaker tip: Roses prefer bright light conditions with moist soil.

Red roses

A huge thanks to our friends at Terrain for having me at the store, and for sharing these gift ideas with us this Valentine’s Day! Which of these plants would you give as a gift?

Check out Terrain for more home & garden ideas.

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9 years ago

very cute, i agree much better than cut flowers.

Roxy xox,
Visit my store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HeartJewelryAlways

9 years ago

Loove all of these ideas! The heart shaped Jasmine would be an incredible gift. It smells so beautiful!

9 years ago

I love succulents! They are so plumpy and velvety and, well, succulent.

9 years ago

Oh my sweet succulent goodness! That heart shaped arrangement made my heart skip!

9 years ago

Such gorgeous photos, any one of those would make a wonderful valentines gift! I love having a potted plant at work, it reminds me of being in the outdoors, as if I were sitting on a rooftop garden in the city! I especially love the topiary; I have always been drawn to those for some reason, perhaps its a past life thing! http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheWeaverOfWords

9 years ago

Love these ideas !!! Especially the succulents !


8 years ago

Kind of lovable article with beautiful flowers, awesome ideas you shearing with us :)


7 years ago

One of the best article related to love and flowers.

5 years ago

I would give the heart shaped jasmine. It looks unique as i grows in heart shape and white always makes valentine’s day special by adding elegance to it. Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas.