5 Ways To Enjoy The Sun In The Winter

Well, it’s mid-February. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, that means it’s the dead of winter. And here in Philly, that means it’s cold, cold, cold. We know spring is coming, but there isn’t a sign of it yet.

I always make sure I stop and appreciate the beauty of snow and the difference of seasons, but recently I’ve found myself dreaming of warm, sunny days. And then it dawned on me: Just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean I can’t feel warm — and just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t exist.

So today I want to share a few simple ways to enjoy the sun in the wintertime. To realize that, although it’s nippy outside, that big beautiful ball of glowing energy is still there, shining down on us… all day long.

1. Open your curtains.

Sunny spot in roomLook outside! There it is. The sun is gorgeous, and it has so much to offer. As soon as the sun comes out int he morning, throw your curtains open to let all of that perfect natural light flood your home.

2. Find a bright spot — and revel in it.

Feather, sunlightThose of us who have cats know this all too well. They always seem to find the sunniest spot in the house and just chill there for hours. They love warmth. Why shouldn’t we do the same? Find the sunniest spot in your home and hang out there. Stay there until you get so warm that you just can’t take it anymore. Look at you… it’s the dead of winter, and the sun is heating you up just fine!

3. Let it reflect.

Chandelier reflectionSunlight specks are one of my favorite things in the entire world — they have the ability to make a space feel so magical (like this home). Hang a chandelier, disco ball, or anything else with light-reflecting power in direct sunlight, and watch the room fill with beautiful rainbows and bits of light everywhere you look.

4. Bring out the sunnies.

Sunglasses, beanie, fingerless glovesSunglasses always seem to be a summer staple, but what about during the winter? When natural sunlight reflects off the snow, I often find myself almost blinded by it! The next time you’re outside, gaze around you and take note of how bright it truly is out there. Then, put on your favorite sunglasses and let a little smile form across your face.

5. Learn from the plants.

Sunlight, philodendronIf nothing else can convince you, learn from your very own houseplants. Find a quick-growing plant like a spider plant or pothos, put it in natural light (but not direct sunlight — that’s too much!), make sure to water it, and watch it thrive. Realize how important the sun is to the life of that plant — and to your very own life, as well.

Finding little ways to enjoy the sun can really make us appreciate it, whatever the season. In what ways do you find yourself soaking in the sun in the winter? Let us know!

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  1. A wonderful post.

    Full of lovely suggestions…

    And lovely photos…

    Thank you for reminding us, not to let Winter get us “too down.”

    Gentle hugs,

  2. Thanks for sharing these ideas. I’m lucky, because on a sunny day I get sun on my couch in the afternoon.
    Other than that, my mom, sister and I like to bundle up with a bunch of blankets and a warm jacket on a not so freezing day, get something hot to drink and just spend half an hour or so sitting in the garden. The warmer it gets towards spring, the less layers are needed :-)

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