Decor Inspiration: Spring 2014 Store Displays

Our store display team really just gets it. Like, in every sense. I am continuously amazed by the displays they create as each new season comes around, and this year’s spring display is definitely one of my favorites. Brightly colored flowers are woven in and out of wood slats hanging from the ceiling, and shaped along the floors and walls into perfectly designed flower mandalas, while glitter is left sprinkled throughout. When you walk into the store on Walnut Street here in Philly, it’s more like walking into an art gallery.

To use as inspiration or just pure visual stimulation, have a look at our spring store display in full bloom!

store display

flower ball

flower ball and clothes

flowers up close

mandala wall

more flowers

flowers on celing

mandala wall

mandala close up

clothes on wall

girls behind counter

flower slats

close up flower

wall and flowers

little flowers

dream in wire flowers

all of store

free people mannequin

love on the wall

free people walnut street

flower mandala

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Can a blog post smell like spring? i think this one does, lol
Looks like a real spring into action there, very lovely

Roxy xox,
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Free people must have the most beautiful stores ever.

So pretty! The flowers around the lights looks like something my mom would make, lol. She’s still a hippy at heart :)


GORGEOUS! Oh, Spring I miss you! :(

How beautiful! I love the flower designs on the wall, that would be cool to do outdoors on a fence or something. Can’t wait for spring!! <3 xoxo

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Oh my… I think you should consider opening a store in Lexington, Louisville, or Cincinnati so I can walk in and feel the clean, pretty air! I am pretty sure these pictures smell like spring.

The Walnut St. store does look magical…I’m totally in love with the mandalas that cascade down the stairs.

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You guys never cease to amaze. This is absolutely gorgeous!!

Love what you did! Definitely feels light and happy and full of spring!

Wow!!! Can I dream this is in my house? Love it!!
Xx, Tiffany { }

So Incredibly Gorgeous…It reminds me of walking in the hills when the wildflowers are in fully bloom! You guys have the most amazing displays, every time I pass by a Free People store, I have to shop and admire your artistry! So well done!


beyond gorgeous! this makes me want to hop in the car and drive to Philly just to shop there. Mission complete!!

Rustic, delicate and beautiful! Can’t wait to head to Philly in the spring, hope it’s still up…

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Absolutely breathtaking! I love this so much, and yes if a post can smell ike spring this one sure does!

This is stunning! I’ve never worked in a store that was decorated so beautifully. I might try something like this at home!

Oh, everything looks awesome! Great job! Love all the flowers.

Wow, this is so pretty!
I can’t wait for Spring to arrive where I am!

I’m a bit late to this page, but had to comment. This is absolutely stunning. I’ve been looking for ideas for an outdoor living space I’m working on and these would work perfectly!