DIY Duvet Cover Made Of Free People Bags

Alana Frangiosa shops regularly at our Dedham store, and told the FP girls there that she had a really cool project in the works over the summer – a duvet cover made entirely out of Free People bags!  Well, last week she stopped in to show them the final product, and it blew us all away!  We reached out to Alana to find out what inspired the project — read on to learn a bit more about her!

diy duvet cover

Where do you live?

My name is Alana Frangiosa. I attended The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA for college and majored in Fashion design/ merchandising. I currently live in Boston, MA!

What inspired you to make the quilt?

Free People has always been my favorite store. My mom, sister, and I have been shopping there for as long as I can remember, so I’d say my love for the store had a lot to do with my inspiration. Also, fashion is a huge passion of mine and always has been. Designing this duvet cover for myself was a perfect way of allowing me to combine my creativity and love for fashion.

How long did it take you to save up enough bags for it?

I was not collecting the bags specifically for this project. But whenever I got one, it was just a habit to throw it in the back of my closet. I think they are so cute and love the way they are always changing. I found some that were so old that I knew I had to do something really cool with them! A duvet cover came to mind and I knew it would be a challenge for me so that’s what I did. 

diy duvet cover

You’re obviously very crafty – do you have any other DIY projects you’re working on?

I don’t usually do things like this. Sewing is not one of my best qualities but I had some beginner skills from school. I was mostly driven by the image I had in my head of the final product. I couldn’t wait to see how it was going to come out! However, I think my creativity and talent is best shown in my drawings. I love to sketch fashion figures wearing clothes that I design, with a bohemian and edgy feel.

What Free People items are currently on your wishlist?

I am definitely a layering girl, and accessories are everything to me. I love over-sized sweaters and being comfy but still always looking trendy. Some destroyed boyfriend jeans, a cute top, and a pair of wedges with a million bangles and rings on is definitely my go-to outfit! A couple things on my FP wishlist right now are: Going West Pullover, Unchained Harem Pants, Storm Ankle Boot, Antalya Coin Collar, Makala Cuff.

Thanks so much for sharing, Alana!

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I saw this on instagram and loved it. You are very creative Alana!


Woo!!! FIDM alumni!!! Loved this when I saw it on Instagram!!!!

This is a truly lovely blanket. i made a similar quilt out of old graphic tees.
I had taken it with me to college, everyone loved it. But mine was not as lovely as this one.

Ella Wild xoxo,
Visit my store:


This is really awesome!!! I wish I had the patience to sew something this big, lol.


This looks fantastic! I have been wanting to do something like this for a while. I just wish this post was an actual DIY, that would’ve be so helpful. Nonetheless, thanks for the inspiration :)

Cool, love it


Adorable. I would love to see a DIY how- to -do of this!

Love this! A little over a year ago, I updated a chair I found on the side of the road by spray painting it and reupholstering the cushion with a FP bag!! Check it out here:

I have it in the corner of my room at school. One friend said, “that’s so free people of you!” Little did she know it actually was!


That is so freaking cool!!!

This is so freaking cool

MacK @ SoulMakes | Blog


Hello and a nice sunday!

Very beautiful quilt, I love it.
Wish I could make sewing like you:-)



great job!!! looks great!


This is INCREDIBLE. You are sooo talented Alana. I would love to see this in a free people store, I bet so many people would buy it!

This is so beautiful and amazing! I would love to try something like it, just wow!


i love patchwork quilts!!