You Are What You Eat

It’s a phrase that I’ve heard for years upon years, but one that never quite made any sense to me: You are what you eat. Am I today a bowl of udon noodles? Was I last night a plate of quinoa and sauteed kale? An avocado in the morning and a bean burrito by noon? But after one fateful yoga class, it will now forever make sense to me.

My yoga teacher (this incredibly wise woman) began speaking about the food we eat and how each bite affects us internally. “If we eat a bunch of processed crap,” she said, “of course it’s not going to be good for us.”

Yes, that makes sense to me.

Still, we can eat the best quality food in existence, but if it’s been made with the worries, the stresses, and the anxieties of the one who prepared it, those negative feelings will be part of what fuels us.”

Hold the phone. You just changed my life.

You see, the energy we put out there is exactly that: out there. It’s out there for others to take in and use as their own. And as long as we allow ourselves to put negative energy out into the world, that’s precisely the energy that will fuel the life that exists around and within ourselves. Well… the same goes with positive energy.

So the next time you prepare a meal, whether for yourself, for a loved one, or for a total stranger, do so with total and complete love. Let go of your fears, your worries, your sadness. Come into the moment and be there fully as you rinse, as you chop, as you saute, as you plate. Let this meditative food preparation be a stepping stone to the eventual meditation that can be found in every activity in which you find yourself taking part.

Celery in a heart

Apple, hands, bowl

Oatmeal, hands, heart

Avocado and sunglasses

You are what you eat. If each one of us does with love, we will consume love, and therefore… be love.

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  1. Keyword: relax. Do you best and be content and assured that it is good enough. Seriously though, this post reminds me of why I choose to chop all my own vegetables and make a meditative practice out of it… Everyone in my apartment feels better when I do.

  2. You really are what you eat. Not just on an emotional level, but on a scientific level as well. Just as the emotions associated with your food are absorbed by your psyche,the nutrients you eat form the building blocks of your body’s cells & protein matrices. Your food DOES become your actual, physical body.

  3. Love this post- I’m very health conscious & any time I divert from my lifestyle & eat something processed, not only does my mood suffer, but I feel so sluggish! Usually I remind myself “if it’s not from earth, I won’t eat it.” That usually keeps me focused & eating healthy!

  4. Even though I try to eat whole foods and healthy things most of the time, sometimes I get too stressed about it. Like, I should be eating better. Oh shit, I just had a cliff bar, now I’m a terrible person. This post reminded me that even if you eat super healthy and unprocessed, if you do it with stress, it will make you stressed! Relax, let go, eat with love. Do your best and do it with love. Even the imperfect parts.

  5. There is a film about just this topic! “Like Water for Chocolate” or “Como agua para chocolate”. Must see!

  6. @Pary, I noticed the resemblance to the book too. Yes there’s the film, but the book, Like Water for Chocolate (Como Agua para Chocolate), by Laura Esquivel is much better.

  7. I work in a restaurant as a general manager/waitress, and this is a page I plan to print out and hang in our kitchen…. Seriously! Energy is everywhere, attitude is a choice… pick a good one!

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