Exploring Your Energy: The Ajna Chakra

This post is part of our chakra series from Kristen Hedges. To read the introduction to this series, click here!

Today, we’ll spend a bit of time connecting to your center of vision & intuition – the Ajna Chakra.

ajna chakra

As we rise up the body, everything begins to get a bit more ethereal. The colours become lighter – from red, at the root, to a light indigo at the third eye. We move from material things, to the things that we can only feel in the mind, and the heart, like intuition, consciousness, and Self.

And as we move into the mystic, if you will, it’s a bit more difficult to define what’s causing the imbalances & blocks. For the Ajna Chakra, you can imagine that this is your Greater Vision. We often find that the pendulum in our mind is forever rocking between the past, and the future. We worry, we regret, and we forget that we’re living here, now. When that happens, we lose our Greater Vision. We lose sight of what’s an illusion – like the past, and the future – and what’s quite real.

If you can fine tune your Ajna Chakra, you will find that you gain a vast amount of clarity. This happened to me at my Yoga Teacher Training. The more we talked about the great illusion of separation, and how everyone is really united by energy, the more I could feel the little spot between my eyes being polished and cleaned.

ajna chakra

Name: Ajna {to know, to perceive}

Location: Center of the head; third eye.

Colour: Indigo.

This is your center of vision, perception, and knowing. From this place, we see the world around us – as it truly is, without separation and illusion. This is the place that becomes active when meditating. It’s the great eye that opens, that shares intuitive insight, that contains your Self.

ajna chakra

When the Ajna Chakra is open & clear: You feel connected to your intuition, to your spirit, to your Self. You have a rather easy time perceiving the world as it is – not as media / society would like for you to see it. You feel as though your life has a deeper meaning. You’re very in tune with your dreams, and you may even feel a bit clairvoyant.

The Ajna Chakra can become blocked by: Becoming consumed by illusion. By believing that your life should look a certain way – as the media portrays, perhaps, or maybe how you’ve been told all your life. This chakra can also become blocked by living blindly. By tuning out your intuition. By watching too much television, by staring into a screen for the better part of your day. Imbalance forms when you’re no longer connecting to your true Self.

ajna chakra

Imbalance can lead to: Migraines, blindness or blurred vision, fogginess, the inability to focus, nightmares, eye pain/strain, nervousness, anxiety, a feeling of purposelessness, self-criticism, the inability to see past the illusion; to see things how they really are.

To check for an imbalance, ask yourself: “Am I able to see things clearly? Do I have a clear sense of Self? Am I able to recall dreams and visions? Can I imagine?”

Things that make the Ajna happy: Drawing mandalas, meditating, visualization exercises, crystal, light, colour and sound therapy. Sitting in the sun, practicing compassion, detoxing from the internet & social media, reading books that inspire you.

ajna chakra

Crystal therapy to balance the Ajna Chakra: You can use the following in meditation & decoration to help heal the Ajna chakra: Purple fluorite, sugilite, lapis luzuli, amethyst, aquamarine, clear quartz, lolite, azurite, angelite, sodalite, aqua aura crystal, blue aventurine, dumortierite, axinite, chiastolite, blue argonite, cacoxenite, lazulite, merlinite, Ulexite, blue tourmaline, phenacite, stilbite.

Yoga Asana: Savasana {corpse pose}, meditation.

ajna chakra

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  1. Kristen, I would love to see you turn these chakra paintings into a deck of cards (as well as your meditation cards). I’ve found myself trying to print and piece together these posts in a journal, but it would be so neat to have a colorful version as you present here. Valuable information!

  2. Such a wonderful post. I think its so awesome that so many people are becoming more aware of the benefits & subtleties of energy work. I find that the chakras can also be cleansed by visualizing a divine golden light that is of the highest source and of the light with no karma and no ego. After grounding myself by anchoring energetic roots into the earth and pulling the healing earth energy, I pull down that divine light to clear and heal each chakra. That’s what seems to work for me. https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheWeaverOfWords

  3. Loved your series. Pinned them all on Pintrest, for my own future reference. I’ve had similar experiences. Learning that you have an energy body explains so many things. Thanks for such a clear and concise breakdown, and beautifully illustrated too. I could definitely see this in book form. Love!

    Oh… Also looking for the Crown Center post, but I understand why…

  4. I know you wrote this series ages ago but I just found it and I’m obsessed! I was wondering if you know of any cool books or guides to learn more…? Love these posts!

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