Exploring Your Energy: The Throat Chakra

This post is part of our chakra series from Kristen Hedges. To read the introduction to this series, click here!

Today, we’ll spend a bit of time connecting to your center of communication & creativity – the throat chakra.

throat chakra

I often find myself actively noticing this energy center. When I feel that I’m at a lack of words, or that the words have been snatched from my body for fear of speaking my mind, or being judged, I’ll instinctively reach my hand up to the base of my throat. I’ll put pressure there, try to draw the words back out with the heat of my palm.

As an artist, I frequently experience ‘writer’s block,’ when all of the inspiration that was once so ready at my fingertips seems to retreat back into the dark recesses of my mind. It’s during these times that I must take a step back and evaluate where I’ve been receiving my inspiration: is it from within, or without? Have I been picking bits and pieces from other artist’s work, trying to reform them into my own, or have I been letting the world silently speak to my heart?

A block in the throat chakra can come from many things, which I’ll touch on below. For me, it often comes from being unintentionally inauthentic. When I forget that I have a world of inspiration resting within me, I’ll spend all of my time comparing myself to others, wishing that I was more like her, or him, and unlike myself. I’ll try forcing myself to be more musical, or to take up metalworking, or a new profession, or acrylic painting, when in truth, all I want to do is write. When I remember that & communicate with myself openly, when I allow the words “I Am A Writer” to vibrate from deep in my throat, I no longer feel blocked.

throat chakra

Name: Visshudha / Vishuddha {Purification}

Location: The base of the throat.

Colour: Blue.

This is your center of communication & creativity. Of pure, human connection. This is the place where some things simply must bubble up, spill out; words of passion, poetry, confessions, spoken words of love and desire. It’s the place that aches when you feel like you can’t speak your mind; the place that closes up when you are afraid to tell the truth. It is the birthplace of all art & magic. The home of your muse.

throat chakra

When the Throat Chakra is open & clear: You feel as though you have free & open communication with yourself & those around you. You’re easily moved by sound – by the sacredness of song, and note, and vibration. You’re free to express yourself creatively, through whatever medium you fancy. You are able to speak up and communicate easily with others.

The Throat Chakra can become blocked by: Following the beliefs & ideas of others, rather than composing ideas and opinions of your own. Holding in the truth, or failing to speak your mind will also create a block in the throat chakra. Repressed anger, emotional congestion & entertaining the idea that you’re not an artist will all lead to imbalance.

Imbalance can lead to: Asthma, acid reflux, bronchitis, a tightness in the throat, inability to speak, losing your voice, neck & throat pain, pain in the teeth & gums. Also, stifled creativity, artist’s / writer’s block, repressed emotions, anger, and the feeling like you’re holding everything in.

To check for a cause of imbalance, ask yourself: “Am I able to communicate easily with everyone I love? Are there any unspoken truths that need to be resolved? Do I believe that I am an artist?”

Things that make the Visshudha happy: Mantra meditation – using the universal mantra of ‘OM.’ Expressing yourself in any way that you see fit, like singing, dancing, painting {with your hands!}, drawing, baking, and writing poetry. Telling yourself & those around you the absolute truth. Silence, surprisingly. Finding new ways to communicate {try playing charades with your partner for an hour, staying completely silent while remaining in active communication.} Connecting with your emotions & declaring them aloud.

Affirmation to balance the Visshudha Chakra: When you’re feeling a strong emotion, instead of acting irrational or becoming frustrated, simply recognize it. Declare it, out loud: “I am feeling _____, right now.”

Yoga Asana: Sarvangasana {Shoulder-stand}.

throat chakra

You can find Kristen here, and at facebook.com/withonlylove.

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9 years ago

I absolutely needed to read this today! Everything resonated with me. Thank you Kristen :)

9 years ago

Love you, lady! xo

9 years ago

I can’t say how grateful I’m for these articles, especially this one. It’s so hard for me to really speak my mind, even harder to speak with my heart. I’ve felt really bad for quite a time, disconnected from myself and now I start to see things more clearly. Thank you.

9 years ago

I’ve been exploring my creativity lately through several different mediums; simultaneously, I’ve been working on healing my thyroid (hypo) with supplements and sarvangasana. I didn’t really mean for both of these to happen at the same time, but it’s interesting that they did. Lately I’ve been feeling much more energetic and like I’m busting at the seams with creativity. I’m reveling in the joy of it all :) I’ve also had a strong desire to begin writing and expressing my thoughts and feelings recently. I love everything you write Kristin, thank you!

9 years ago

i love these posts ! a couple of years ago i went to this energy cleansing place to cleanse my chakras. The woman told me my throat chakra was the most congested and blocked. At the time it was so weird bc I had always had trouble speaking up or expressing myself !

9 years ago

Are there only 4/7 chakras explored on this series or am I missing some articles?

8 years ago

Most wonderful chakra!i!

7 years ago

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6 years ago

I’m looking for ‘exploring your energy: the sahasrara chakra’. I see chakras 1 through 6 in this series but nothing for the seventh chakra.