Free People Presents: Spark ft. Poppy Delevingne

What was it for you? A drawn out flirtation, a sweet gesture from a stranger, or a spur of the moment heated kiss?

Our latest short film, ‘Spark,’ is all about taking a chance on love and that moment in time when it all happens — that spark.  We’ve all had those moments, when we share an encounter with someone, and find ourselves thinking about it days, sometimes months, or even years later…wondering if they felt it too. See what happens with these four couples, and fall in love all over again with that magical moment.

Shop Spark.

When did you feel your spark? Did it turn into a love story? If so, upload your own videos to the app Cameo (it’s free!), and be sure to tag #fpspark and #fplovestory.  We’re going to combine the footage and edit it all into one beautiful user-generated video that will be shared on the blog!

And if you haven’t found love yet, we want to help you out! We’ll send a message via Twitter to your crush, in hopes of connecting you two.  If they respond, and want to know who sent the message, we will let you know, and potentially connect the two of you! Or, maybe they’ll send a tweet back :). To keep the messages anonymous, please send your message via email to with the subject line Secret Admirer.  Be sure to include the person’s Twitter handle who you want the message to go to!

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ika zurria

That spark… i like it, i hope it longer than short film :))

Seriously? How did NO ONE on set manage to notice that Poppy Delevigne’s hat is on completely backwards!?!? It was even made as the cover image for the video!! Get it together people!

I love these shorts. There is so much love in each of them and you can see it in the actors. They’re so sweet and I enjoy them very much. Makes me want to make a short of my own!


Love this but would love to FP stray from the typical heteronormativity every now and then!


I would have to agree with Sarah … Not all of your customers are straight!!!




If some guy put a rose in my shopping cart I would instantly fall in love :)


love this so much! keep re-watching. the grocery store couple is my fave! and that song is stuck in my head…


Can anyone tell me what dress the girl in the grocery store is wearing? Love iT!



Love this short! Too cute. Could you please tell me where I can order the blue dress the girl in the grocery store wore?


Wondering what hat Poppy is wearing doing her laundry? Love the vid <3


Does anyone know the song that is playing in this? I really like it!


I would also like to know what the name of the song in this video is.


oh wow! I loved this so much. I’ve been in a relationship for 4 years; I would swoon like crazy to have someone look at me like that again.


And SUPER cute boys!! ♥♥