About A Girl: Meet Nikki & Kellyn

On the corner of a quiet little street is a cute little house; a place two incredibly sweet, incredibly creative Free People girls call home. Nikki and Kellyn have turned this adorable house into one of the coziest, most magical spaces I’ve ever stepped foot into.

Live greens and dried flowers hang from the ceiling in almost every room; natural light floods in and bounces off of disco balls and hanging crystals, creating light specks and rainbows — rainbows! — everywhere you look. There are tiny little trinkets on every shelf, beautiful vignettes of collected and created objects on every wall, and just overwhelming amounts of handmade touches caught with every glance made.

Earlier this week, I spent the morning inside this space, getting a glimpse into the magical world these two friends share. Enjoy a little tour, and get a look inside the creative minds of these two gems!

Dried roses, beautiful home

How did you find your way to Free People, and what exactly is it that do you do here?

Nikki: My cousin introduced me to the FP world. She’s so inspiring!!! I design for the new capsule Endless Summer.

Kellyn: I am a graphic designer. Free People’s artful, eclectic aesthetic and their girl always attracted me. The visuals I saw them producing felt instinctual and familiar to me. I love my job so much — there is no other place that values real art making its way into design as much as Free People does.

Vintage blouse in kitchen

Hanging pots and spoons

Vintage chair, plants

You two seem to be constantly creating, both and work and at home – what inspires you to do all that you do?

Nikki: KK and I inspire each other at work and at home. We share anything we’re excited about like music, films, inspiring people and designs. We want to always be surrounded in a world of beauty.

Kellyn: Nikki always says creating is energizing — and I agree. I feel lucky to have found such bliss in designing an inhabitable space. That feeling definitely keeps me coming back to it and wondering what else we can add or change.

Ink painting

Eye wall, vintage couch, dog

You seem to be pros at creating a magical, cozy atmosphere. What’s your strategy when it comes to decorating?

Nikki: KK, I feel like you have a good answer for this one! =)

Kellyn: Contrary to minimalist belief, more is better!! I think we both understand space as a place that can be imaginary just as much as it is functional. And I love the idea that someone could walk in and find themselves transported or find something that makes them smile or even laugh.

Kellyn decorating

What has been your proudest creation thus far – can you name just one?!

Nikki: That’s hard! I’m proud of all of the things I’ve created! One of my first mocks here, when I worked on intimates, was the Queen of Flowers Maxi Slip. It looks like it made a comeback recently. Also, the Mexican Wedding Dress and Tiger Lily Top are some of my faves. At home, probably the paper moon I made with my boyfriend, Billy, for a Paper Moon New Year’s Party.

Kellyn: I really love the projects we’ve done together! The eye wallpaper, the shape collage on the front door – projects like this have always been individual for me and I had no idea how amazing collaborating can be — two minds are better than one!

Boho living room, eye wall

Tell us about this ever-changing living room wall of yours. What did it look like before this? What will it look like next?

Kellyn: It started with a love for pattern – I think the original was a mix of flower and tiger cutouts on white. Somehow everyone’s obsession with eyes of all kinds fascinated us and we loved it on black to open up that room and create contrast.

Nikki: KK , I feel like you answered this accurately. Not sure what it will look like next!! Black and white geo patterns? Hands like Cecil Beaton’s wall? Matisse inspired wall? Not sure!

Zebra on shelf

Eclectic wall decor

What’s your absolute favorite part of your home?

Nikki: Living room! I love how KK and I collaborated to make the greatest wall!!! We recently painted the eyes together, and we had fun adding stuff to the shelves. That wall is so playful! I also love our BearCat (leopard).

Kellyn: The sultry feminine figures in the bathroom that Nikki put together/painted from old Le Rire magazine pages.

Ceramic cat

Painted feminine figures

Framed mirror

Eclectic Bathroom

I love that Elvis can be spotted in several spots in your home — which one of you is the bigger fan?

Nikki: I think KK is? Not sure. We both love him, but KK first put up the Elvis in the staircase, then I found a pin of Elvis she collected while cleaning and put it on a shirt. I thought it was perfect to get Elvis magnets for Kellyn for Xmas.

Kellyn: Did somebody say Elvis??! What a hunk!!

Elvis fridge

(Try to find the Elvis pin in one of the photos in this post!)

Nikki bedroom

Hanging kokedama plant, disco ball

Eclectic wall decor

Black dresser, branch rack

Wire lettering

What does a typical weekend look like inside your gorgeous home? What music’s playing, who’s around, what are you doing?

Nikki: The weekend starts off usually with Kellyn’s making coffee, and Billy and I are making breakfast, and our 20’s/30’s music blowout playlist is playing or Dave’s humming or playing guitar. We’re all really into ink drawing.

Kellyn: Sounds about right! :)

Eclectic windowsill

Pyramid, disco ball, light

Kellyn coffee

Vintage dresser, plants, camera, mirror

If you could go back in time and talk to 10-year-old you, what would you say?

Nikki: Be an open book. Say “yes” to everything and experience new things!!!

Kellyn: Chin up and be who you are. You’ll find your place in the world and life will be more beautiful than you could’ve imagined.

Bedside wall

Plants, antiques, paint, shelves


Dried flowers, entryway

Nikki & Kellyn

Thank you Nikki & Kellyn for inviting us in! :)

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10 years ago

No other words but: <3 LOVE!


10 years ago

How’d they make their wall paper? Is it like a chalk paper?

10 years ago

Looks like a cozy home.

10 years ago

Their place is amazing, loved the tour!!

10 years ago

2 gems in a perfect jewelry box <3

10 years ago

I love their interior style!

xo Jennifer


10 years ago

I Absolutely looooovvveee your home! My house is oh so similar (with slightly more pink and red tones) You guys are amazing! I want to come and visit, and oh, that wall!!!! LOOOOOOVVVEEE IT! I want to paint my kitchen with chalk board paint… Reminds me a little of that! Bless you all! XOXO

10 years ago

and P.S. That chandelier is to die for!! I WANT IT!

10 years ago

Beautiful photos and such a magical space!

10 years ago

Oh my goodness… this is such a dream! Seriously my ideal living space. These ladies are so wonderful!


10 years ago

So wonderfully creative & fun! It looks like you live in an ever changing art gallery! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous living space! http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheWeaverOfWords

10 years ago

Although I’m an avid Free People Blog reader, I have never taken the time to comment on a post until just now – this living space is absolutely GORGEOUS. My dream house, seriously. These ladies are so inspiring and seem so very free!

10 years ago

oOh my! I am really in love with this home! Congratulations, it is a paradise!

I really would love to show this home to the readers of my blog….would you mind?

You can answer me at novecento@iol.it.

Francesca from Italy

10 years ago

coolest girls! coolest house!!!!

Jill Garvey
10 years ago

^^^^ thanks from me!

10 years ago

Inspiration indeed! Love their adorable eclectic place!

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10 years ago

so much inspiration here!

10 years ago

love these girls so much!!

10 years ago

Love, love, love your Indian Chief Cheetah!

9 years ago

Oh God, the interior is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this.

3 years ago

An inspirational feast for the eyes .