Monday Quote: She Dances To The Songs In Her Head

“She dances to the songs in her head, speaks with the rhythm of her heart, & loves from the depths of her soul.” – Dean Jackson

This quote speaks of individuality and passion to me. We all have a specific way of doing things. We all like the things that we like, appreciate the things we want to appreciate, and travel down our own paths that we create for ourselves. We map out our lives by the decisions we make, the amount of drive we put forth, and the risks we take. Not one map is alike, wrong, or right…just unique.

How does this quote speak to you?

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9 years ago

Everyone has a different personality and that’s what makes each person unique in their way. To accept who we are personally and to then show the world that we are beautiful, bright, and confident is the first step to loving yourself more and more. I actually love expressing myself when it comes to music; I don’t play an instrument but I love collecting songs into my iPod and making playlists for them. Also, I’ve just recently purchased a Paris journal at the arts and crafts store to record my thoughts and ideas for a novel I’m writing, no specific order, and after tying a feather with lace around my gel pen, I can freely write my feelings, while listening to music and letting it speak to me. This is how I interpret that quote and I can’t wait to read others in the near future. :)

9 years ago

I see it as not being afraid to be yourself and living to the fullest. I loved this quote, we should all live by this.

9 years ago

Such a beautiful quote and interpretation.

xo,Juliette Laura

9 years ago

I see the quote as being about someone who lives fearlessly – she is not anxious about how people will react to her dancing, she is bold enough to speak her mind and, despite the fact that she’s most likely had her heart broken before, she’s willing to love again and again if that means that others feel at rest; perhaps, one day she’ll find a lover who will love her for her boldness, not leave her because of it.

9 years ago

Gorgeous quote. Gorgeous handwriting.

9 years ago

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