Monday Quote: Secretly In Love

“I think we’re just gonna have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that.” -Margot Tenenbaum

Love is a powerful thing. If you feel it, you know, and it’s one of the best feelings one can experience. It can last a lifetime, or it can even just last one night.

Sometimes people come into our lives as quickly as they exit, and some of those meetings will be cherished and remembered forever. There’s always that summer fling, the special someone you met while traveling the world, or maybe even a friend who’s only ever been “a friend”. Life has its reasons to keep people apart, but sometimes a little spark of love may rest at bay inside of us, for only us to know and feel. It might just be love for that moment that was shared, or love for the experience you encountered with that person.

Either way, it’s love. And we all need love.

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9 years ago

Ahhh….LOVE. Such a great feeling to have!

9 years ago

Love this! fleeting love is often hard to deal with but we sometimes forget that itsi stilljust that….LOVE! Thank you for this reminder! xo

9 years ago

lovely… this is just the thing i need with my love problems!

Tammie Anne
9 years ago

I LOVE this!

Your monday quote have really love and lovely massage. Although your all blog have beautiful massage which I love and my friends also. Thanks a lot for sharing share and give chance to be a part of your blog.