Morning Rituals

I used to be a morning person. When I was in high school, I’d spring up at the first sound of my alarm — sometimes even earlier — ready for the day ahead. The snooze button did not exist for me.

As I got a bit older, though, and life became more hectic, I found that I’d want nothing more than to stay under the covers until the last possible moment. I wanted to avoid the craziness of the day that lay before me until I absolutely had to face it. When I had to, I’d finally get up, rush to get ready for my day, and run out the door… usually later than I’d ideally want to.

But that’s all recently changed, and I’m so glad it has.

I’ve come to realize that early morning is a beautiful time. A quiet, still time, where everything moves slowly, if even at all. Most days, I wake up knowing that my day is going to be hectic. That idea — the one that used to have me staying in bed until the last possible minute — is now the very reason that I’ve started waking up earlier.

I’ve come to find that when I start my day slowly, with little rituals that make me feel good, I can ease into the day so much better. I find myself being much less stressed throughout the day, even though my days have not become any less busy. Allowing the morning to be a time for just me makes it so incredibly enjoyable. I’m starting to love mornings again.

Snowing out window

First of all, I’ve changed the alarm I wake up to. Instead of one that sounds crazy and electronic, I’ve switched to one that sounds like a beating drum. It’s so much more natural, and much more pleasant to wake up to.

Once I hear the alarm, I shut it off. I don’t spring up right away, but I don’t go back to sleep. I lay in bed for a few minutes, listening to nothing. Experiencing the stillness of the morning. I call my cat over to me and give him a little scratch before I sit up.

Cat in bed

I get out of bed, but only to light a candle or some incense. This time of year, it’s still dark when I wake up, and having a beautifully-smelling flame burning in the room feels so nice.

I get back into bed and do Kristen’s 3-minute morning yoga. I’ve never been one to do yoga in the morning before, but this mini yoga session is such a soothing way to ease the body into the day, and now I love it. Thank you, Kristen. :)

Yoga in bed

While I do each movement, I breathe long and deep, and repeat a little affirmation in my head. Usually it’s “All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory,” a little something I learned from this wonderful woman.

Then it’s shower time, followed by Abhyanga — ayurvedic daily massage with gorgeous natural oils made by this incredible woman.

After that, I feel so prepared for the day that lies ahead. I’m happy, I’m relaxed, and I’m ready to take on anything that comes my way.

Coconut oil, windowsill

If you don’t have your own morning rituals, I think you should give it a shot. Wake up a little early and take that time to do something for you. The benefits you’ll experience throughout the day will far surpass that extra half hour of sleep you may be missing.

What do your mornings look like? Do tell. :)

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7 years ago

Wow, sounds like a really great way to start a morning. green with envy.

Roxy xox

Jasmine Chen
7 years ago

what an inspirational entry! i’ve a little morning ritual too.. that includes a little prayer, thankful for life. and i’ll do a little stretching too before i head to the showers! :)

7 years ago

I’ve always hated mornings, and I don’t think I’ll ever love them like you do, but in the past month or so I’ve found that I’m starting to tolerate them more and more. One thing that I like doing is making myself some green tea for breakfast, it is very calming but also gives me a slight zing of energy.

7 years ago

There’s nothing like feeling that you have time to enjoy your breakfast, instead of rushing into everything and then being late for work. Your story sounds very similar to mine, I used to get up right away and then things changed as I got older, but now I’m taking my time in the morning again. I love the feeling of sitting with my morning shake and watching the stillness of the ocean at a distance.

7 years ago

Beautiful idea. I was just thinking about how much I need to get into routines… I thrive on them but if I stray for a day or two, I feel like I’ve fallen “off the wagon” and can’t catch up. Silly, but it’s just the way I think.

Thank you for this.

7 years ago

what an inspirational story, yes, I’ve been changin’ my mornings for few months, because I loved staying in bed till the last moment, and now, my routine is just to wake up earlier to listen the silence before I dress up and watch the stars while I’m on my way to work, And I really enjoy the sunarise. The best thing ever. Thanks for sharing your thing, I’ll try yoga, sounds like lots of fun! =)

7 years ago

This is incredibly inspirational. I used to hate mornings, but in recent years, I have learned to enjoy the solitude they bring. Sadly, I have fallen out of the habit a little bit since it is dark when I first awake so it has seemed pointless. I think I will change that. A little incense and yoga may just do the trick. When it warms up, I will commence my long walks with my dog. Right now, she is not caring for the 20 degree temperatures we have in the mornings, and I can’t blame her!

7 years ago

I love starting the morning slowly as well. I find great peace in setting my alarm early and waking up and doing my own thing. Even if it’s just an hour earlier than normal, I can squeeze in an activity (like making fresh local coffee at home) that is personal and makes me happy. Love it!

7 years ago

Gosh, I need to switch my morning alarms to something more soothing :). I love slow mornings! I do a little yoga, have a nice cuppa coffee, maybe listen to some music. I also hated mornings when I was in high school, but now I’m beginning to appreciate them more and more. Every morning has its own story <3.


7 years ago

Bridgette! I’ve started doing the 3 min morning yoga routine too! Love it :) Such a nice way to start a new day that we’ve so graciously been given. Xo

7 years ago

I have never been a morning person. I grew up in a country with crazy traffic if you weren’t out of the house by 6am you weren’t going anywhere, so my mom wake us up at 5am every morning. To say I hated morning is an understatement. That has changed overtime, but I’m still not at my best in the morning and I put off waking up as long as I possibly can. Starting up the day with a soothing routine will do the trick. I can’t wait to try it out tomorrow morning. Being a stay at home mom, I do crave that moment of silence and solitude.

7 years ago

I’m not much of a morning person, and soon as I saw the yoga post, I decided to try it. It has helped me to start off my mornings calmly and happily, and I even added my own step to it. After you turn your alarm off, but before you really get up, stretch your body out, feeling the tingling in your toes. Then curl up as tightly as you can, engaging your abs. Stretch out one more time, listening to the silence. then sit up and begin your yoga routine. This helps wake me up and gets my whole body engaged. Thanks for the lovely post!!

7 years ago

I’m JUST starting to implement my own morning ritual/routine. And remarkably, it looks fairly similar to this! I may have to look into that 3 Minute Morning Yoga sometimes in place of my simple stretching routine. I just have to be careful about how much I do because of chronic illness. But definitely the other components are there. Waking up to a more natural alarm, lighting some incense to enjoy, and I also include a little meditating and journaling. Just a few short minutes.

Timely article! I’d just written about my morning routine on my blog on Sunday. :)

7 years ago

Used to be a morning person as well, now I get out of bed as late as possible sometimes! My technique is to take a shower right away, gets my brain working and eyes open :) Love the idea of a relaxing alarm, going to try that.

7 years ago

Mornings can be such a beautiful time of day…I have to wake up at 5am for work and even though I’m rushing and don’t quite have a very relaxing/invigorating morning ritual set up yet, the quiet that comes from being one of the only people awake in my neighborhood is truly beautiful.

Ana Ligeia
7 years ago

I hear that the attitude you take at wake up time is gonna be replicated for the rest of your day. I mean, the fact of reprogram the alarm-clock once, twice, infinitive times is an usual but a wrong way to begin the day. Stretching and smiling just can turn better everything.

7 years ago

Waking up to a song is the best alarm I’ve ever had. Live in dreams by wild nothing to be exact. It fades in with a gentle sound, so soothing and appropriate. I follow this with a nice stretch and then touch the ground, thanking the earth for hosting me. I also invoke to my heart and ask for it to take the reigns of my day and help me live and shine in love.
Thank you for the tips to add more magic to the brink of our day <3

7 years ago

Morning hours are my fav! So much fresh ideas, beautiful sunlight, sweet breakfast and other things. I love this time much more than evening time when your day almost finished.

7 years ago

Omg Brigette I absolutely love all your posts! They’re so inspiring and I love reading them! I find that after I read them I appreciate my life a little bit more than I did before. I love this post, no surprise there. I can never find myself to get up early enough to have enough time for myself. Especially when it’s during the school year. I always say to myself, “the next snooze, I’ll wake up” and then the next thing you know I’m constantly looking at the clock and rushing myself to get ready. I honestly can say I’ve never know what it’s like to get early enough in the morning to have enough time for yourself. Maybe after this post, I will. :)

7 years ago

Your appreciation of mornings is beautiful…

xo, Juliette Laura

7 years ago

ever since i read this post, I have been doing the 3 minute yoga (if i dont have time, I just stretch), and it has helped so much! I have also started drinking a cup of tea each morning, which is something that really wakes me up! thank you so much for this post, I have so much more energy now, and I feel so much more awake. thanks, FP Girls! x

7 years ago

I love this! I have been wanting to create a morning ritual as I too used to be a morning person. Waking up slowly to the day feels more calming than having to rush to work and spend the rest of the day in hectic activity. I should definitely consider reinstating a morning ritual.

7 years ago

where is that floral tank/dress thing you have on from?! beautiful!

7 years ago

I love the idea of a beating drum alarm….any suggestions of where to look for one?

5 years ago

Oh, this is lovely. I’ve been working towards having delightful mornings much like yours. It’s a process. :)