What Pink Says About You

We all have love on the brain this week, and with the idea of love comes the thought of pinkish hues. Pink, the color of passion, of nuturing, of unconditional love. It’s romantic, it’s intimate, it’s feminine, it’s kind. If you find yourself drawn to the color pink, it’s probably also true that…

Pink feather

You are very approachable. You’re friendly and sweet, and have a calming nature about you that makes others feel good to be around you. People confide in you; they trust you. You’re a good listener and always seem to put extra thought and care into something before saying or doing it.

Girl, pink gradients

You’re feminine, romantic, and sensual. You love the idea of being in love, and can easily get lost in romantic books and movies. You have a charming quality about you that draws others in, even without realizing it.

Pink rose, pink water

You’re nurturing. You were born to take care of others — that maternal instinct has always been instilled deep within you. You’re generous and warm, and would do anything for the ones you love.

Pink maxi skirt, leaves

You’re a happy, positive person, and you strive to make everyone happy, as well. You have a wonderful sense of humor, and are a joy to be around.

Glass jar, rose petals

You watch what you do or say in front of others for fear of being seen in a harsh light. You wish for peace and harmony, and do everything in your power to create a world filled with positivity.

Do these things seem to describe you? Let us know! See our other color psychology posts.

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9 years ago

Right on point!

9 years ago

To a tee! Thanks :)

9 years ago

Omg yes!! This describes me perfectly! <3

9 years ago

I love this! I think this is so true, especially with spring around the corner, pink will be everywhere!

Xx, Tiffany {www.sunshinedaydreamphotography.com}

9 years ago

Weird, really true! Haha, just looked through my drawers, a vast majority is pink.


9 years ago

Brigette can you tell me where your booties are from in the link I posted? PLEEEEASE I’ve been ferociously searching for some just like them!

9 years ago

literally described me.
although pink isn’t my favorite color, I have plenty of pink items

9 years ago

IT’S ME, ME, ME…1,000,000 PERCENT!!! :))

9 years ago

I am 53 years young, I Love the colour Pink as far back as I can remember. ♡Love it’s Love♡ All the qualities mentioned in this Blog I have been told I own. Some I am very aware of and the others now that I think about it, they too come naturally for me. To other colours I feel just as strong about are Blue and White.

8 years ago

I really wish you used links to give credit for the images that don’t belong to free people.

Deborah Means
8 years ago

Every thing said about the color pink psychology describes me exactly. I would have never believed this if I had not read it, It is so awesome. I cannot explain how pink makes me feel. It definitely has an effect.

8 years ago

It might be strange to say this about yourself but everything that is mentioned describes me. The color pink always makes me really happy

8 years ago

oh so true!!!!

8 years ago


7 years ago

Haha. Its all true!

7 years ago

Yup! Yup!! <3 Love forever, I love the color pink and this describes me perfectly :)

7 years ago

This fits me to the T. I’ve always loved pink and that’s funny how they got all of that from a person who loves pink. Thank you for sharing this with me.

7 years ago

This is totally me!!!

Azra Safar
3 years ago

This is so on point! Personally I like pastel/soft pink, but these points are so sounds like me. It feels like people understand me completely