Behind The Scenes Of Our February Catalog

Our February catalog features the stunning Dree Hemingway and Anais Mali. I got the chance to travel to NYC when they were shooting the book, and spend the day on set capturing some behind the scene moments.The vibe at the studio was super relaxed. Dree was the model on set that day, and it was fun to see her in action. She would break in between shots to switch up her music and would playfully dance in front of the camera.

It was great to be able to get out of the office for a day and switch up the setting. Watching one of our catalogs come to life is quite the experience! Here’s a look at what was going on behind the scenes…

dre getting makeup done

guy setting uo set


dre on phone

amanda going through clothes

dre on set

switching up the music

rack of clothes

going through rack

dree back shot

putting on shoes

dre laying down

dre sitting on set

dre getting pinned

sitting on stool

dree laying down on set

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