Scents We’re Loving For Spring

The scents of spring are light and playful. They’re sweet and they’re cheerful, they open the heart, bring a smile to the face and a calmness to the soul.

Scent is such a powerful sense, and it’s so unique from person to person. One whiff can transport you to a summer love, a childhood home, or an autumn spent wandering through the woods. I’m always interested to know which scents resonate with which people, so I asked a few lovely ladies from the office to share the ones that have their hearts — whether for the spring that’s upon us, or just for life in general.

Kellyn, Chanel No 5

Kellyn, Associate Graphic Designer

I wear Chanel Jersey and Chanel No.5!

These are both special to me because I purchased them on my first trip to Paris. Maybe they sell Jersey online now, but at the time, it was exclusive to the flagship store on 31 Rue Cambon. There’s something magic about that store — probably similar to how Audrey Hepburn describes the warmth and peculiarity of Tiffany’s. Anyway, Jersey is the perfect lavender scent! Musk makes it sensual and vanilla makes it really sweet — especially when it hits your skin and adapts as the day goes on.

I love the rich history of No.5 — it came out in 1920s Paris! Just in time for flappers, it it was one of the first perfumes not afraid of being both seductive and feminine. Smells like jasmine, rose, vetiver, and sandalwood. I love this video on its history.

Perfume and flowers in pocket

Free People Jemma in plaid

Jemma, Design Assistant for Intimates

I don’t always wear perfume, but when I do, this one is my favorite. I’ve had it for almost 4 years now, and every time I wear it, it brings such lovely memories to my mind.

My perfume is Do Son by Diptyque. When I first meant my boyfriend he told me I smelt like summer and that’s exactly what it reminds me of. Those hot, magical, sweaty summer days full of romance and carefree fun. It’s a scent that feels in tune with my personality and daydreams, and I love the description Diptyque gives it:

“Sweltering climate, a pagoda on the shores of Ha Long Bay, where trade winds tenderly caress the flowers. A name that sings, undulating like waves upon a beach. Do Son is an eau de toilette rich with contrast, exuding the fresh, intoxicating sensuality of tuberose.”

Oceane perfume, tattoos
FP Julia in white

Julia, Editorial Manager

This is the only perfume I have ever used, and probably will ever use. To me, it smells like summer. I’m a Scorpio, a water element, so it makes sense to me that I’d be so drawn to it and its light, fresh scent. I even think I can smell a hint of salt water in there…but maybe that’s just me.

Fresh Cannabis Santal perfume

Free People Jill

Jillian, Design Assistant for Jackets

I am currently obsessed with Cannabis Santal from Fresh! It appeals to me because it’s earthy and patchouli based. I’m not an overly floral girl perfume-wise. What suits me is just a dash of a woodsy fragrance that lingers in the air as you pass. Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, and with its notes of rose and bergamot I’ve already cemented this one in my boyfriend’s frontal lobe. He’s currently 3,000 miles away with his band and I spray every letter I write him with my perfume as a thoughtful reminder.

Kylee, Styling Assistant

Chloe perfume in hand

Free People Styling Assistant Kylee

I’ve been wearing my Chloé perfume forever — It’s become my signature scent. It’s fresh, it’s clean, it’s not too intense… I might have even named my cat after it. ;)

What scent will you be wearing this spring?

Check out these 4 tricks to make your perfume last all day!

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8 years ago

The Chloe one is definitely a winner for me :).
Spring is finally (almost) here <3!


8 years ago

I love my Dior Forever and Ever

8 years ago

Chanel perfumes will be my best friends till the day I die.

8 years ago

For any early-20-somthings interested in basking in the glory that is Chanel, but is worried that a scent like Number 5 may be too mature, try the Chance line!

8 years ago

Once, I was in Dunkin Donuts once and caught the scent of the most amazing thing I had ever smelled. Unfortunately, I could not track down the source. I love floral light weight- as in fresh and clean scents, crisp perhaps that is my problem. I do not like musk at all, it makes me sick to my stomach.
Fresh Gardenias and lilacs are amazing, though.

Anyone know where I can find such scents?

8 years ago

I love the Chanel scents…also Daisy by Marc Jacobs is my favorite. -it smells like Summer to me!

Transforming A Space

8 years ago

@ Paperstarz…
I too love floral light scents, and really am not a fan of musk, and one of my personal favorites in the Gucci Flora Magnolia. It’s floraly and not too heavy. Maybe you will like it, or even some of the others in the Gucci flora line, as they all look great!

8 years ago

Philosophy Inner Grace is my spring go to perfume. It has been for years. It’s floral and sweet but not overtly so. For everyday I wear pure by DKNY. So clean and fresh and airy without smelling like soap.

8 years ago

My “signature” is Stella – perfectly fem and sultry. But having worked with fragrances for 2 years, I like to use fragrance as an accessory so mix it up sometimes for fun! Winter has been all about layering Tokyo Milk’s Let them Eat Cake with the last drops of the sadly discontinued Marc Jacobs Bang! For early spring I will probably go back to Jo Malone’s French Lime Blossom. That way I won’t compete with nature’s own perfect spring scent because I’ll not smell like perfume at all – just like a flowering tree after the rain :)

8 years ago

Betsey johnson’s is the best for summer

8 years ago

I recently just got Bvlgari – Mon Jasmin Noir, it’s the perfect amount of floral and elegance. Best smelling perfume I’ve ever owned.

8 years ago

Quelques Fleurs l’Original “many flowers” speaks to me.

8 years ago

I love this post! where is the shirt in the first picture from?

8 years ago

Where is that c’est la vie shirt from? It’s beautiful!

8 years ago

I also love Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Flowerbomb and Calvin Klein’s Eternity. Beautiful fresh scents.

8 years ago

See by Chloe…best ever :))

I love Chanel’s scents–they’re timeless! And I love the c’est la vie shirt. I also just posted about my favorite scents: