On The Set Of Spark!

Did you guys all watch our latest short film, Spark? I keep watching it again and again…and it makes me smile every time.  Here’s a look behind the scenes of the shoot, featuring Poppy Delevingne – listen to what the actors have to say about their own personal “sparks”!

Did everyone have a happy Valentine’s Day?

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  1. I loved it. The couple on the pic, the ones at the grocery store, were my favorite. When he left the rose in her shopping cart I about melted.

  2. This short film is really cute and it’s full of joy and tenderness, is fresh and it gives a smile! But.. Why Free People uses only heterosexuals couples? A gay couple in this video would include everyone in this wonderful day of love.. Otherwise continue, you make beautiful things..!
    (Sorry for my English, I’m French..)

  3. I always think about that! What if they had the story of a lesbian couple? Free People? Freedom to express sexuality? I can see politically how the company would not want to loose more conservative clientele, but true free people lovers I’m sure would love it!

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