Travel Lust: Peru

Our dear friend and talented photographer Anna just returned from an amazing trip through Peru. We asked her to share a bit of her journey with us all…

A country rich with ancient mythical history, an array of climates, color, and home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Peru exceeded my wildest dreams. Traveling with four amazing friends, we hit ten towns in half a month. With highs of jungle hikes and mountain hot springs, and lows of lost voices and 17-hour bus rides, this journey is one we’ll never forget. Below is a list of DON’T’s and DO’s for your Peru-traveling-potentials.






-Drink the tap water.

-Throw toilet paper into the toilet.

-Trust the llamas (they sometimes attack lunge at you).

-Do a choreographed dance and film it at Machu Picchu (you will be kicked out).

-Expect people not to laugh when you ask about a vegetarian restaurant.


-Talk to the locals. They’ll give you the DL on what’s really good.

-Make friends with sweet dogs. They’ll guide you around their towns and be your bff.

-Speak the local language as often as possible. You’ll be surprised at how much you know.

-Dance in the mountains (…just not Machu Picchu).

-Travel with people that inspire you.

-Go with the flow. The best experiences are often the most unexpected.













We sand-boarded in the desert of Huacachina, white water rafted the Urubamba, zip-lined across mountaintops, had an underwater tea party in the jungle’s hot springs, climbed the steps to Machu Picchu, and danced the streets of all the towns we passed through. While each experience remains unforgettable, what I really came away from the trip with was perspective. In your busy city life it’s often easy to get distracted from what really matters. The best part about traveling is that you finally have time to be reminded you of who you really are and what’s most important in your life.

Anna-Alexia Basile

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10 years ago

Beautiful photos, Peru seems truly amazing, it definitely has a spot on my list of places to go to!

10 years ago

Wow! amazing! I did a trip through south america (from brazil all the way until colombia) last summer, and I’m doing kinda of a throwback journal in my blog (feel free to check it out, and stay tunned)! haven’t arrived yet to peru but have some great pictures taken by my boyfriend!

How I miss that trip… Nature in those countries takes your breath away…

10 years ago

Peru is one of my favorite places. The people smile at you no matter where you go, they look at you stunned when you ask for a cold drink (for some reason they think cold Coke makes you sick), and you’re right, the dogs guide you anywhere you want to go.

I will add a DON’T though… DON’T make the OK symbol with your hands. It’s the same thing as the middle finger. Most anyone will forgive you once you explain, but it’s better to not put yourself in that situation.

10 years ago

Amazing pictures, Peru is absolutely beautiful. I’m hoping to go someday. All the Peruvians I’ve met in the states are really lovely people so open and friendly, always smiling.

10 years ago

Absolutely breathtaking! I love the effects on the photography, very unique!

Xx, Tiffany { }

10 years ago

Love this! I am actually living in Peru currently and was so happy to see FP covering such a lovely place. As far as vegetarian restaurants go however, there are several AWESOME ones in Cusco. If you visit, be sure to check out El Encuentro for an awesome set dinner for 5 soles! (about $1.70)

10 years ago

Wow, u make me happier to live to here.

10 years ago

@LamentingLizzie, the cold coke thing was so funny to me! I was like, why is your coke always on the table?!

Beautiful post. Peru is effing amazing. I went in August and made a million photo posts on my blog. I didn’t go topless, buuut:

Most dear to me is the short little video I edited of the trip:

(We had a layover in bogota and partied our faces off. How I miss that summer of madness)

Everyone should go.

10 years ago

One of my favorite posts yet! I have always wanted to backpack around Peru, and these pictures create such a strong case of wanderlust!

Thanks Free People xoxo

10 years ago

It looks like a fantastic trip! The photos are stunning, they make me wanna go there! Peru is definitely a great travel destination.

10 years ago

Hey Amy,
I had read your article and trust me it was all worth written. Amazing Photography as well. You have mentioned it really well. Thanks for sharing such an interesting post here……..

10 years ago

By far one of the most amazing places on earth. I loved Machu Picchu and it’s surroundings, it’s a must-see.

10 years ago

Nice that u visit my country!!!
Peru is full of good vibes, looks like you and ur friends enjoyed being here.


9 years ago

So amazing to find this post! I have been in Peru (my homeland) on a business/pleasure venture and it makes me smile everytime someone mentions how much they liked my home. I wish I could’ve spotted you FP gals around! Come back soon!! We’ll welcome you with a sweet Mate de Coca tea.

P. Xx

9 years ago

Funny, I passed by 3 other vegetarian restaurants on my way to my favourite this afternoon. Salud y Vida seats 100 and gets packed everyday for lunch.

8 years ago

Peru is a magical place… so proud of my country =) check my post in Cusco

7 years ago

Breathtaking photographs! Which camera did you girls use? Is it risky to click pictures on top of a cliff, it being windy and all?

6 years ago

Peru is without doubt a magical place, to aguien who likes to travel should go at least once in your life.
here I leave a video of a place in Cusco-Peru on the Rainbow Mountain: