Weekend Snapshot

Winter has me starting to go slightly stir crazy… we’ve gotten a bit too much snow for my liking already. Lots of snow equals lots of time hibernating indoors, reading books, listening to records, lighting candles and dreaming of faraway places. Here’s a little snapshot…

1. Graceland Boot – I have basically lived in these since I bought them, and I can’t say enough good things about them — they are quite simply the best boots I’ve ever owned.

2. Skinny Legs And All, by Tom Robbins – one of my all time favorites that I’m currently re-reading.

3. Candle.

4. Vintage postcards from Uncommon Objects, a pretty rad store in Austin.

5. Thrifted glasses.

6. Horn pendant — similar one here.

7. 3 Tier Printed Half Slip — just picked this up and will be wearing it all spring/summer!

8. Snake goddess figurine.

9. Felt Porkpie Hat – my favorite hat ever!

miniskirt, boots and hat


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