5 Ways To Use Glass Domes In Your Home

There’s something about glass domes that just tugs the teeny tiny strings of my heart. I think it’s their ability to encapsulate a certain area, creating a mini world for us to examine and admire; a mini world inside the giant world that surrounds us. 

I recently acquired some glass domes and had fun playing around with different ways to create decorative displays. Here are 5 ways to do it!

Beauty products glass dome

Beauty products on wood

1. Encapsulate your beauty products. I’ve always been a fan of putting pretty little jars of perfume and oil on display, and this is the perfect way to do it. Mix in a shiny rock and a ceramic terracotta filled with beeswax (left over from making this solid perfume), and you’ve made yourself a tiny world of beauty.

Eucalyptus under a glass
2. Display a single object. I love the idea of using a glass dome to display one single item; a dried rose from a loved one… a seashell picked up from time spent traveling. Here I turned a small drinking glass upside down and used it to display a dried piece of eucalyptus (one of my many loves) on a wooden stump.

Jewelry on cheese board

Jewelry in glass dome

3. Admire your jewels. Jewelry is a work of art, and it absolutely deserves to be put on display. I love the idea of putting a glass dome over a capsule of jewelry, and changing up that capsule every so often to hold different pieces that look beautiful among one another.

Butterfly bell jar

4. Freeze a moment in time. I’m obsessed with this bell jar I saw in the living room of two of our very own Free People girls (see their home tour!). It’s as if someone captured the beautiful moment when a butterfly peacefully landed on a pine cone. Melts my heart.

Glass dome terrarium

5. Make a terrarium. I’m such a lover of terrariums, which are like their own little ecosystems. Arrange some preserved moss, collected wood, and dried herbs on a shelf and top it with a glass dome for a gorgeous terrarium-like display.

Are you as in love with glass domes as I am? Tell us how you use yours!

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  1. such gorgeous pictures… the obsession to photograph things that I love sometimes captures my imagination as well. its such a visual delight to play with household objects finding beauty in the arrangement and placement of items. sometimes the most ordinary item can be transformed into something quite extraordinary!
    p.s….the bell jar with the dried flowers reminds me of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast where he kept the precious rose…

  2. I love this idea. It especially resonated with me because I’m forever attempting to save roses from times that have meant a lot to me. I have one from Paris that my boyfriend bought me one night as we looked down at the city from Monmarte. Another is from Barcelona the year before that–he bought it for me on our first night in the city. And the very first rose he bought me is from New Years Eve in Miami three years ago–it was our first vacation together and one of my fondest memories. I’ve saved all three of these roses and they mean the world to me. After seeing this post, I’m definitely going to put them inside a bell jar–both to keep them safe, and to display them to the world.

    xo Katie

  3. I was not at all knowing that bell jars are more useful, always i thought it is useless and used to throw, Thanks for sharing the idea as even i will start decorating as you have shown.

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