5 Intentions To Set This Spring

The spring season naturally brings about feelings of freshness. It’s a new start; a rebirth.

I personally experience these feelings more strongly at the start of spring than I do at the start of a new year — that’s why this spring, I’m setting five intentions for myself. Five small shifts in the way I live that I feel will better myself in one way or another. If you’re looking to do the same, allow these 5 ideas to serve as inspiration for intentions you may set for yourself for the brand new season.

1. Watch something grow.

Cactii, yellow

Be it your unique creativity, a paperwhite bulb, a newly adopted animal, or your love for humankind, watch something grow. Take note of its present state, make a point to nurture and nourish it day in and day out, and watch the flowering growth that you’ve so lovingly enabled. Spring provides conditions that naturally foster growth, so take advantage of this beautiful time for just that — whether that growth is internal or external.

2. Find alternate uses for objects you own.

Eye spoon

The refreshing vibe that comes along with spring can oftentimes make us yearn for the new. New is lovely, but sometimes new-old is even better. If you feel the urge to acquire something brand new, you may benefit by first asking yourself whether you can achieve the result you’re looking for by using something you already own. It’s incredible how many uses a common object can have — like a frozen spoon in place of a fancy eye cream — all it takes is a little creativity.

3. See a new project through to the end.

Hands, feather

Too many times I have started something new and exciting, and ended up bored or discouraged after just a short while, favoring a different project instead. While pushing past and moving forward is oftentimes a wonderful thing, there’s a certain disappointment or an unsettling feeling that can come with unfinished business — and a definite sense of accomplishment that comes with seeing something through. This spring, intend to see a new project all the way through to the end — whether small or large. Even if it doesn’t end up the way you’d first intended, you may be pleasantly surprised with what does result.

4. Embrace your passion.

Film camera, hat, brick

Whether it’s a hobby you’ve loved for all of your life, or something new that makes your heart thump a little harder, embrace something that ignites a flame within you. Set aside time — even if it’s just once a week — and, during that time, focus all of your energy on whatever your passion may be. In the craziness of life, it’s not uncommon that we neglect a hobby we love due to other obligations. But passion is what makes us feel alive. Passion is what fills us with positive energy, flowing from one person through to the next. Passion fuels more passion, making this life a happy one to live. All we have to do is set an intention to embrace it.

5. Gain a fresh perspective.

On couch, looking in mirror

The idea of different perspectives is so interesting to me — each person’s is slightly different from the next. Sometimes one person, one experience, or even one sentence, can alter your entire perspective on the life you’re living. Having the ability to see a situation through multiple points of view is such a positive thing because it allows us to better relate to those around us. Suddenly trying to grasp why things happen a certain way instead of another isn’t so difficult after all. This spring, I’m intending to gain a fresh perspective. I’ll open my eyes, my mind, and my heart to new experiences, taking each one in with open arms, and letting go of whatever filters I may have internally created in the past, to the best of my ability.

Do you have any new intentions to set this spring? Please share!

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9 years ago

Oh such a beautiful post. Definitely taking note and doing all of these things.


9 years ago

This is lovely. Another intention of mine for this spring is to focus more on gratitude and thankfulness!
Cheers :)

9 years ago

“embrace your passion” <3 http://www.sunshinedaydreamphotography.com/

9 years ago

Oh my God. This posts makes me really think. It’s very lovely. I’ll do all this things.

9 years ago

such wonderfully creative ideas! I especially love the idea of looking at things from a new perspective. I especially find it helpful when something is really frustrating to me; usually when I can find the hidden benefits, the frustration fades away and gratitude slips in to take its place! http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheWeaverOfWords

9 years ago

One of my intentions is to find new and inventive uses to the already incredible list of benefits that come from using essential oils!

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Click on over to enter! The giveaway ends next week!!

9 years ago

LOVE this, Brigette! Thank you! Beautiful pictures, too.

9 years ago

Definitely all good ideas. I am so looking forward to the refresh of spring!

x Kenzie

9 years ago

Grow mermaid hair!

9 years ago

Great post, I need to always remember number 4!