Hair Tutorial: The Canyon Braid

UPDATE: This post originally ran on January 22nd, but we wanted to share it again as we look towards spring and hair styles for festival season!

Our editorial shoot “Fall in the Canyons” rose many requests from our treasured readers – “How do we do that incredible braid?” Via this here video, we show you how to get the lovely Jessica Mau’s look shown above… all on your own. All you need: volumizer, 2 small hair ties, hairspray, bobby pins… a mirror… and some good music! I just did the Canyon braid this morning… So easy, so pretty.

Let us know how it goes!

canyon braid

Original Hair/Makeup by Emily Nickrent.

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  1. I love making crowns out of braids with my hair! It always makes you feel like you’ve awakened the inner Goddess within you, plus it’s a really simple up do, which is always nice to when your looking to try something a little different. Add some fresh flowers and leaves and you’ll be golden <3
    xoxo Annjelina

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  2. thank you! I’m in love with this look, and have been really wanting to try it, but wasn’t 100% sure where to start. I’ll definitely be trying this soon.

  3. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I was one of the many who requested this tutorial and am so pleased that you are doing a tutorial! I’m so excited to try this, I think I’ll be wearing it tonight, in fact!

  4. I don’t have that much hair, if I try it my braids will come out very skinny, not exactly what this look calls for :( But it is beautiful! I’m very jealous of girls with lots of hair. I do my eyebrows with a maybelline dark brown eyeshadow too!

  5. I love this, but not sure that it would work for me because, while it is very lengthy, my hair is quite thin. I have been trying to view this video for the last few hours and it shows up an error message. I tried the Youtube channel too with no luck.

  6. I tried this and it came out great <3 I wish there was a place to post pictures of how it came out on the site.

  7. I love this look & tutorial, but layered hair makes braids an impossibility. Anyone have any tips for this?

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