Creating A Spring Atmosphere In Your Home

A change of season brings about a shift within ourselves as well; a desire to change up how we look, feel, think; an urge to start anew.

To help get ourselves into the spring mindset, we can first create a springtime atmosphere within our homes — an atmosphere that will allow growth, creativity, and happiness to thrive. The days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter. With a few small changes, we can wake up feeling energized and positive in a refreshed home. Here are my tips on creating a spring atmosphere in your home!

Invite fresh life.

Plant, sunglasses, candle

I always love a home filled with bits of nature like beautiful twigs and dried flowers, but spring calls for something fresher. Fill your home with fresh greens — like palms and philodendrons — as well as potted flowers and fresh cut bouquets. You’ll feel like you’re living inside your very own secret garden.

Add some florals.

Couch, floral pillows

No print says “spring” like pretty ditsy florals. Bring out the floral pillowcases, tablecloths, and curtains, and don’t forget to dress yourself in floral prints, as well. Being surrounded by flowers — even if they’re just images — will ignite new life within yourself.

Refresh a wall.

Small frame, blank wall

Just as winter is a time of layering up, spring is one of stripping down and starting anew. Clear an entire wall of all decor, paint it a fresh new color — or white, for that matter — and hang just one decoration. Maybe you’ll like the feeling of simplicity that one piece creates — and you’ll keep it that way all spring — or maybe it will inspire you to fill the space you’ve just created in a brand new, creative way.

Update your cabinets.

Floral wallpaper in cabinet

Find some gorgeous spring-looking wallpaper, and cover the inside of your kitchen cabinets with it. It’s not something that many would think to do, but it’ll bring happiness to your heart every time you reach for a glass.

Go natural.

Wicker basket, brick corner, rocks

Now’s the time to start reintroducing natural materials like straw, wicker, and twine, into your home. Fight the urge to go overboard — that may feel too summery too quickly — but instead offer just a few hints, like a wicker basket here, and a wooden bowl there.

Stock up on greens.

Healthy green salad

Ideally we should all be eating fresh greens all year round, but spring is the time to just go full force. Fill your refrigerator with the freshest, tastiest, local greens you can find, and make a point to cook with them every day. Remember to be mindful as you prepare your food, and put love into everything you make. After all… you are what you eat. Yes?


What will you do to create a spring atmosphere in your home this year?

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9 years ago

Start my veggie garden indoors, Spring clean!

9 years ago

I always find that Spring Cleaning is a great way to refresh my apartment, including getting new vibrant indoor plants… for my work its fresh flowers on my desk every week… I’ve posted the most recent bunch on

9 years ago

The photos of your room always look so dreamy!
Xx, Tiffany {}

9 years ago

I always love the home decor posts by Brigette! She has such amazing style! I recently used contact paper to line the walls of my cabinets, it is such a fun little touch of color! Take a look here: Thanks!!

9 years ago

This is great advice! I think some calming, refreshing music (while decorating) is always a good idea!

9 years ago

I love these ideas! I also replaced my heavy dark curtains with some sheer lace panels