Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of March 24–30

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zodiac sign illustrationARIES

March 21–April 19

Your life is running on two subtly different tracks again this week, with your emotional reality a bit separate from your social life. Tune into your private thoughts concerning goals, career, home and family. Listening to the quiet instinctual voice in your head can help you to sort through the shifts in your inner and outer worlds. But you’ll also probably enjoy being around people at times, thanks to your ruler Mars in your relationship angle syncing with friendly Venus in your humanity house. The biggest astrological event of the week is the new moon in your sign, marking a fresh start for Rams. Revolutionary Uranus, growth-oriented Jupiter and transformational Pluto are all nudging the moon, so change is definitely in the air! Now is the time for you to set your intentions for the coming year. You have underlying faith and an urge to shake things up, and you sense that your life direction is undergoing a big shift. Let all of this push you to embark on a bold new course.


zodiac sign illustrationTAURUS

April 20–May 20

You should be able to express yourself extremely well this week, with communicative Mercury in your network sector gelling with expansive Jupiter in your talk zone and powerful Pluto in your perspective house. Whether you’re giving a group presentation or just chatting with friends, you’ll get your point across. And you could also make a favorable impression on a boss, parent or other authority figure when pleasant Venus in your ambition angle harmonizes with undaunted Mars in your productivity zone. As well-spoken as you may be now, your work can also speak for itself, possibly catching the attention of someone whose approval you want. However, stern Saturn in your others angle hints that you may feel put to the test by someone. The new moon in your spirituality sector calls your attention to a different realm of life. Its conjunction with brilliant Uranus alludes to an awakening of the unconscious, while its heated exchange with planets in your cognition and beliefs houses further emphasize a shift in your mind. This is a time for emotional re-centering based on internal wisdom.


zodiac sign illustrationGEMINI

May 21–June 20

This could be a good week to make your case for a raise, loan, grant or other boost in resources, when your ruler—persuasive Mercury—in your goals angle meshes with generous Jupiter and powerful Pluto in your money and sharing sectors. A verbal appeal to some type of higher-up can prove lucrative, even if you’re not pleading for funds in particular. You could end up with stronger confidence or an offer of help. Meanwhile, travel or another sort of adventure will hit the spot when pleasure-loving Venus in your journeys house connects with go-for-it Mars in your fulfillment zone. Work or other duties could get in the way, but you’ll find a way to enjoy yourself if you’re motivated enough—and you probably are. A new moon in your network sector interacts with several other planets, portending these possibilities: new affiliations, objectives and friends; breaking free from an old role in a group, buoyed by self-esteem and empowerment; or a surprising change in who you fit in with, based on values and trust.


zodiac sign illustrationCANCER

June 21–July 22

Mental Mercury in your belief sector is clicking with expansive Jupiter in Cancer and potent Pluto in your partnership angle this week, so optimism is apt to feed  personal growth and a change in how you relate to people. Take in the big picture, gazing down the road to a future of new experiences and greater wisdom—and have faith in that vision. Your brain can get stuck in the same groove like a needle on a record. Tinker with it. Don’t settle for a timeworn concept of what’s possible. Confronting your emotions and moving away from your past will promote closeness and self-acceptance, although you may feel you have to work extra hard for love and happiness lately, and you’re not totally wrong about that. With Saturn parked in your joy-and-romance sector, personal fulfillment is a serious business. The new moon in your ambition angle encourages you to set new goals and be prepared to seize professional opportunities. Your expansive vision and your desire to take the reins can push you to get to the next level.


zodiac sign illustrationLEO

July 23–August 22

You can learn a lot about yourself by bravely poking around in the dark corners of your own psyche, and that’s especially true this week when mental Mercury in your depth sector connects with wise Jupiter in your subconscious zone. You might also learn a spiritual lesson from talking to someone you trust or glean a spiritual truth from introspection. Mercury also has a meeting with powerful Pluto in your job-and-self-improvement house this week. Intensive research may further your work, or facing your demons may help you to transform. With amiable Venus in your relationship angle gelling with bold Mars in your communication zone, speaking your truth can have a positive effect on your interactions. But private doubts or a heavy mood could block a good feeling between you and others if you let it. The new moon in your exploration sector conjoins radical Uranus, encouraging you to try new things that will give your take on the world a healthy jolt. Say yes to experiences that teach you something, feed your spirit and change you.


zodiac sign illustrationVIRGO

August 23–September 22

Your ruler Mercury is in your relationship angle and clicking with Jupiter in your group zone and Pluto in your happiness sector, so make a point of connecting with people this week. Hopefully Jupiter is increasing your faith in humanity, and Pluto is deepening the pleasure you get from expressing your unique self to the world. Conversations can trigger these positive effects now. Venus’s current dance with Mars suggests that valuing your health and time go together with acting in accordance with priorities. In addition, enjoying the process of working and making an effort to shore up your finances can go hand in hand. A mental block might keep you from finding work enjoyable, so try to get past negativity in your head.  The new moon in your sharing house could forebode a new outside source of money like a loan or tax refund. Or you may feel a strong urge to get to a deeper level of intimacy with someone, driven by high expectations and intense emotion.



zodiac sign illustrationLIBRA

September 23–October 22

Work should go well this week, thanks to clever Mercury in your job zone syncing with beneficial Jupiter in your ambition angle. Your thinking connected with a goal will be particularly astute. Or you might come up with a workable plan to reach an objective related to self-improvement, personal growth, health, education or travel. Your mind is also on the right track for making changes to your home environment, working through a family issue or dealing with your emotions. With Venus in your pleasure sector harmonizing with Mars in your sign, you have a fantastic chance to do something to make yourself happy. Ask yourself what would bring you joy now—fun? romance? creativity?—and act on the answer. As is often the case lately, low funds or confidence are the potential stumbling blocks you need to get around. A new moon in your others angle hints at a relationship shift that could take you by surprise. Or you might feel the need to break free from someone to pursue your goals and undergo a personal transformation.


zodiac sign illustrationSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

Creative thinking, emotional effusiveness and spontaneous humor and fun are all fueled by optimism and a broad perspective this week, when Mercury in your self-expression zone clicks with expansive Jupiter in your philosophy house, telling you to keep your head to the sky and your heart on your sleeve. Mercury’s meeting with your ruler Pluto in your cognition-and-communication sector further empowers your speech and helps you to convey a depth of feeling, especially in the realms of love and art. Solitude, nesting, self-reflection and working behind the scenes or from home will prove pleasurable, as Venus in your domestic angle syncs with Mars in your seclusion sector. Fatigue, loneliness or negativity could hinder contentment or create a rift between you and a family member or someone you live with if you let it. The new moon in your productivity sector is prompting you to start fresh with a big, brand new attitude about work, health, time-management, responsibility, diet, fitness, self-improvement, organization, skills, habits and usefulness. Let faith in the future and a transformed mindset propel you to turn over a new leaf.


zodiac sign illustrationSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

This is a good week for either introspection or talking through your feelings with someone you trust, since Mercury is in sync with your ruling planet Jupiter in your depth-and-closeness sector. You may also be able to figure out something that will benefit a situation related to home, family, partnership or shared-resources. Mercury is also clicking with transformative Pluto in your worth zone, so your thoughts about getting your finances, your priorities or your confidence moving in the right direction are likely to be productive now. Make time for socializing too, because pleasant Venus in your communication house is clicking with action-oriented Mars in your network zone. Do things with a group of people or be proactive about working your career contacts. Don’t let lingering doubt or a blue mood stand in your way. The new moon in your joy house encourages you to find new routes to love, happiness and creative fulfillment. Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto are pushing the moon. Be innovative and opportunistic, and let both faith in partnership and self-empowerment drive you.


zodiac sign illustrationCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

Communication is a major plus this week, with Mercury in your talk sector jibing with expansive Jupiter in your relationship angle and powerful Pluto in Capricorn. Your mind is quick, and ideas for partnerships are apt to be particularly fruitful. You’re able to express your expectations of a relationship well, and dialogues of all kinds can promote growth. Speak up if you need someone’s help or would benefit from his or her knowledge. Self-expression and self-empowerment are interdependent at the moment—another reason for you to open up. With valuable Venus in your worth zone hooking up with proactive Mars in your ambition angle, you can make a career move now that will up your confidence or potential earnings. You may not feel the support of your professional network, friends or another group, due to Saturn’s spat with Venus, but this gets you to pause and clarify what you want. A new moon in your foundation sector interacts with several other planets, sparking you to make a change related to home, family, security, life balance or emotional baggage.


zodiac sign illustrationAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

You’re able to make a mental connection between work and money when intelligent Mercury in your worth zone clicks with wide-ranging Jupiter in your duties house this week. Are there more responsibilities you can take on that will boost your finances? Do you see how efficient time-management might help you get more out of each day and make maximum use of your talents? Mercury’s encounter with Pluto links the deep internal changes you’re going through with the way you think about money, how you value yourself and what you prioritize—which could result in useful revelations. Venus in Aquarius is gelling with Mars in your exploration sector, so travel, learning, brave adventures, unfamiliar people and bold beliefs will offer a freeing pleasure. The new moon in your mindset zone favors a change in attitude going forward. Look at your environment with fresh eyes, communicate in a different way, be open to flashes of insight that alter your thinking and welcome learning opportunities. Get your brain running on the wavelength of the wiser, more fulfilled and empowered you of today.


zodiac sign illustrationPISCES

February 19–March 20

Verbal Mercury in Pisces clicks with two other planets this week, helping you to express yourself. Merc’s meeting with hopeful Jupiter is a gateway to an outpouring of affection, creative flow or spontaneous exuberance. With powerful Pluto in your network zone getting involved, you’re able to communicate to a group, recruit supporters, make important contacts and formulate new objectives. Pleasure-seeking Venus in your retreat sector is harmonizing with dynamic Mars in your depth house, so grab some alone time to explore your emotions or one-on-one time with someone close to you. You can become more intimate with someone now if you’re willing to let your guard down and be forthright about what you want. Negative beliefs are the main thing standing in your way. A new moon in your worth zone coaxes you to set new financial goals, make more use of your talents, up your confidence level and be on the lookout for income opportunities. Use your desire to get more out of life and your drive to do something big in the world as motivation.


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