Free People Presents: The Ride, ft. Erin Wasson

What if you had the chance to take off…to leave it all behind. To leave life as you know it, heartbreak, stress, anything and everything, in your dust — and hit the road, taking a leap of faith into the unknown. Would you do it? Would you be brave enough to follow your heart?

It’s something we can all relate to, weather we’ve taken that leap — that ride — or not. Maybe you had the opportunity and you couldn’t take it, or maybe it’s something you’ve always thought about and longed to do — pack a bag, and take a chance. The Ride shows us what could be on the other side of that journey — discovering new things about yourself, finding joy in the unknown, and letting your heart make the decisions. Erin Wasson and Mark Wystrach bring all of the emotions of the journey to the table, and it’s a beautiful thing to watch. Go on, take The Ride.

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Actors: Erin Wasson, Mark Wystrach
Direction: Duncan Winecoff for All:Expanded
Creative Direction: Guy Aroch and Free People
Director of Photography: Stuart Winecoff of All:Expanded
1st Assistant Director: Jake Saner of All:Expanded
Editor: Ryan McKenna
Producer: Carl Walters
Color: Michael Rossiter
Sound: Midnight by Salomon Ligthelm, Courtesy of The Music Bed, LLC.

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7 years ago

These FP Short Films could not be cuter!! Everything is just perfect, the clothing is gorgeous, the lighting, the setting, everything. Love it!!

7 years ago

green with envy

Ella Wild xoxo,
Visit my store:

7 years ago

is this not reminiscent of lana del rey’s “ride”?

7 years ago

Beautifully done as usual! Completely in love with everything in this March catalog <3

7 years ago

I love the free people videos, everything about them is so inspiring, it’s like something from Pinterest!

7 years ago

Such an Adorable Video, such an expansive sense of freedom, wanderlust and romance ! So Well done! and yes, I would take off on the road on a whim…..

7 years ago

amazing, amazing, amazing!

Check out my interview with Sessann Orne of Three Arrows Leather!

7 years ago

OH my god. These free people videos always really get me. SO so beautiful. This one really captures the spontaneity of love. So wonderful. And Erin is such a BABE. She looks incredible in her FP threads!

7 years ago

This is like a knock off of Lana del Rey videos….

Crissy Lou
7 years ago

LOL ! I couldn’t even finish watching this video. The voice over narration is awful and it feels too contrived. These little love story clips just seem like a way for Free People to market its clothing and it exploits the idea of love in order to do so.

7 years ago

wouldn’t you love for this to be a full length movie? You up there with the negativity, Free People is a company out to promote and sell their products… So why wouldn’t this video be marketing? I am so glad that the marketing that they choose to do gives me a loved feeling, a sense of something beautiful… Something to look forward to! (can’t wait for your next video FP) I would much rather see this short film than a Victoria’s secret add, not that I don’t like Victoria’s secret, I’m just saying its business, they have to promote they’re products, and I think Free People rocks at that! :) And by no means am I trying to start any arguing, I am just trying to give another view point:)

7 years ago

I only watched cuz the guy is hot and I wanted to see more of him.

7 years ago

Love this! Great job

7 years ago

This video was interesting. Very beautiful young people on their amazing adventure but the voice over narration was pretty bad. This movie captures the spontaneity of love and going to unknown. I would definitely go for the trip like that, leave everything behind if I have such a good looking man next to me. It was kind of cheesy video and especially the part where they got married but still pretty awesome. I took leap of faith similar to this-moved from a different country to U.S.A and left everything behind in my home country. It was and still is for sure an adventure!

7 years ago

i liked it a lot. i think little videos are a great way to market the clothing, its all about brand = lifestyle, every company does it and this is an artful interpretation. would love a how-to on her hair it is always so amazing.

7 years ago

Fashion, love and bikes…it doesn’t get any better then this. I love everything about it. And Erin Wasson is breathtaking. I love these shorts you’re starting to release. Can’t wait to see the next one.