Hair Tutorial: The Ultimate Bed Head

We all know that girl... Or at least have watched her, half dumbfounded, half in awe, as she glides across the streets with that perfectly imperfect mane. Really though, does one just wake up looking… so rightfully imperfect, without doing a thing? The tousled bedhead hair… how?! Do tell… oh please… do tell…

Sit back… no pen and paper needed. It really is as easy as 1.2.3. Product, a little back combing and enough energy to do some head flips. Voilà! Beautifully unkempt… Summer’s go-to look.


* If you have more naturally oily hair use all dry products such as Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray or Bumble & Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish.

* For dryer hair textures use more moisturizing texturizing products such as Jonathan Spray Dirt or Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray.

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  1. Ha. Made me giggle. I may be no super model, but perfect bedhead hair, that I was born with. :) I’ve always thought my hair looked best straight out of bed. It has so much body and waves in the perfect places. I love it! Too bad I’m a stickler for having to wash my hair in order to wake up. Some people drink coffee to wake up, I need a hot shower, hair washing and all…and there goes my perfect bedhead.

  2. Haha might not be able to do this if you have a thick and wild curly mane….but beautiful nonetheless!

  3. Her hair is really pretty, all the waves in the right places. I am afraid this will not work for me, it will always end up just being messy..

  4. All this for messy hair? I mastered it years ago. I just rub some hair balm between my hands and finger comb to tame the frizzies, flip once and out the door looking perfectly tousled.

  5. I’m with tiffany! If I did this with my stick straight hair, it would be a wreck. The only way this works is if I rocked curls the day before. xo

  6. or just go to bed with wet hair and don’t look in the mirror when you leave the house…trust me i’ve been doing it since highschool
    all this effort for an “effortless” look…ridiculous!

  7. To “b”, going to bed with wet hair is bad for both your hair and your general health. You are much more likely to get sick from the bacteria that gathers in your hair when it is wet and smashed up against a pillow. It is best to instead just wash your hair either with enough time to let it dry before you go to sleep or in the morning, and use a hair dryer. (Of course, keeping the dryer on low and using the cold air setting as much as possible). And of course it is ideal to wash your hair only every three or four days, otherwise you’re drying it out!

  8. I have never been able to make my hair do this?
    One thing you can do to have perfect hair is to use a hair repairing deep conditioning treatment which you can make easy at home. Just watch this tutorial to see how you can make a conditioner + honey + coconut = hair repairing conditioner

  9. Great Post. I see a lot of comments about how this look turns out just plain messy instead. I like to use keratin based products to avoid Bed-Head hair from looking too messy. It helps to keep my hair without frizz.

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