Happy Spring Equinox!

It’s finally here! We hope you’re all enjoying the very first day of SPRING.

We certainly are. We had some fun covering our lovely intern Caroline’s long locks with some beautiful fresh blooms this afternoon. Here’s to a spring full of growth and happiness!

Flowers in hair

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  1. Happy Spring Equinox Free People!! Today was my sunday so I enjoyed the crap out of it..went for a nature walk with my hubs, sat around and made a few dreamcatchers (still working on those) took a nap, watched a few old movies and made a couple homemade pizzas..I’d say it’s been a pretty good day!! Now back to those dreamcatchers, lol.

  2. The girl’s hair is so straight, you’ve got to do a tutorial, please! My hair is never this straight when I straighten it.

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