The Importance Of Being At Ease

How beautiful it is to be at ease. Writing, saying, hearing, even just thinking the word can bring your mind to such a state. And that very state of ease is so important to our health, both mentally and physically.

The past few times I’ve attended a yoga class, I’ve had a major revelation. Something that Lilavati says strikes something within me, and I begin to view a familiar concept in an entirely new way. This particular time, it was with regards to ease.

Ease is always a main focus of these meditative classes. We learn to let go of everything we’ve acquired — mentally, physically, emotionally — and just be. We learn to explore different movements and resting positions until we find those that enable the deepest of breathing; those that make us feel the most at ease.

During this particular class, what I realized was that the opposite of ease… the disruption of ease… is dis-ease. When we do things that cause ourselves feel the opposite of ease, we may just be enabling the formation of disease within ourselves. When we eat unnatural foods, think toxic thoughts, and push our bodies to do more than what they’re capable of, we’re disrupting the ease, little by little.

That’s not to say a that life totally free of uneasiness is what we need, but rather that we should strive to feel ease whenever it’s possible. It could be as simple as moving your foot slightly as you sit on a chair, just enough for it to feel a little more comfortable. The next time you feel stressed and your mind begins to race with worry, remind yourself to be at ease. Know that you can find stillness in stormy places. Search for that stillness, that ease, always. Ease is the key to health, to happiness. Ease is what makes us fall in love with life, one breath at a time.

Girl, hair, light, window

Sage, candles, windowsill

Tree pose

Girl alone

A huge thanks to Amrita Yoga & Wellness for letting us use their studio for this! :)

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6 years ago

These posts get me through life. Thanks for the inspiration!

6 years ago

This is beautiful, I so so agree, being at ease is beautiful.

6 years ago

Yes! Any disruption to the body’s homeostasis can be defined as stress. The brain, immune system and endocrine system are all constantly sending and receiving messages from one another; therefore, when the mind is not at ease, hormones like cortisol increase and have deleterious effects on the body, resulting in disease.

6 years ago

YES! love this post. never connected the dots between ease & dis-ease. wow. thank you for sharing. i have been loving yoga a lot lately for these same reasons. letting go and just being. xo

6 years ago

The line saying how the disruption of was is disease literally made me gasp out loud. It touched me, because it really simplifies “issues” in life.

6 years ago

I love this post and whole-heartily believe everything that was written in it. I try to put both my mind and body at ease by practicing daily meditation.
Thank you for sharing. I believe that this will be an eye opening post for many people.

Krystal |

6 years ago

ABSOLUTELY Beautiful! Well said. Thank you.

6 years ago

What a great post! I have been practicing yoga for a while, and the word ease has been the force that drives every single morning I get up. Being at ease with the world, with my body and with those around me has brought me so much happiness. During this time in my life, being a junior in high school, I have found new ways of finding ease with myself. Along with yoga, I now do meditation, deep-breathing, and self-reflecting time. I would’ve lost my mind by now if I did not find new, and creative ways of finding self-balance. With the end of the school year coming up, finding my inner ease will be more important than anything. I found a website that explores new, and unusual ways of meditation. I hope to try some of these techniques out.

Madison Smitm
6 years ago

As I was getting in as much reading as I could in the 20 minutes in between class and track practice, my roommate said, “My free time before practice is my me time.” And I realized that I hardly ever allow myself to relax, because in reality there is always some work I could be doing. I know that I should take more time to be at ease, but I don’t necessarily have time for a full yoga class and have trouble letting myself relax. So I would love any suggestions!

6 years ago

This is so true. If people would just let go of negative earthly vibrations…we would all be more at ease.

Kelly G
6 years ago

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5 years ago

This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
Finally I have found something that helped me. Thanks a lot!

5 years ago

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