Mixtape Contest: Win A One-Of-A-Kind Vintage Jacket!

When they hit the road for SXSW, our friends from Ruby The Hatchet took along a vintage military jacket and customized it on their journey to create a special one-of-a-kind piece – and now we want to give it away! This jacket has many stories deep in its fibers, and we want to find it a good home.

Since the jacket has such a strong association with music and being on the road, we decided it needed to be another mixtape contest :).

Here’s how to enter:

Select one song that, to you, best sums up the feeling of being on the open road.  Go to our RDIO page and add your song to our collaborative playlist, On The Open Road. I’ve started it off with some songs below.  Once you’re finished adding your song, tweet your song @freepeople (you can do this right from the playlist on RDIO!), using the hashtag #fpopenroad. At the end of the week we’ll select one winner who will receive this amazing vintage jacket!

If you aren’t familiar with RDIO, you can register for free – then simply click on the link above to our mix. You’ll see a space above the first song that says “find a song to add to this playlist”  You will be able to search for songs and add them to the playlist right there on the page.

vintage jacket


  1. I signed up for Rdio but I can’t find the link to collaborate on your playlist to enter…could you provide a link? Thanks!

  2. Just signed up for Rdio and it took me a bit to figure out how to add to the playlist. Hope everyone enjoys Michael Franti’s I’m Alive song. Positive vibes to get you in the mood for any road trip. Thanks for introducing me to this new program. Blessings

  3. Hey guys! Sorry for the confusion! Just above the first song on the playlist, there is a space with a magnifying glass that says “find a song to add to this playlist” – you can add your song right here :)

  4. Aww I really want to enter but I don’t have a twitter! Ah well, I’ll enjoy listening to the playlist as it grows :) Good luck to everyone who is entering!

  5. This post made me sign up for RDIO and twitter :) I put up the song Sahara pt. ll by Bear’s Den. I live in northern Canada, up in the Yukon Territory. I listened to Bear’s Den while driving the Alaska Highway, admiring the stunning mountains and large clear skies…this song seemed to fit perfectly with the scenery and with my mood. I hope people enjoy the song! I think this is going to be a fantastic playlist.

  6. Oh yeah, Anenome by Brian Jonestown Massacre for sure. I drive a lot and it always makes the driving playlists…. It’s got the perfect tempo for driving on the highway. It’s not too dynamic. The absence of slow build-ups or profound erratic peaks help to compliment the very nature of road tripping; of the continuously passing hours, rolling over pavement. Because of this, it will not dictate the brief moment of your driving experience, but instead it will enhance it. Your appreciation for the nature around you is enhanced, rather than forgotten in dedication to feeling the beats of your favorite tune. This tune also has that smooth 70’s psychedelic rock vibe which radiates a comforting sense of nostalgia. Give a listen!

  7. Hi, I downloaded the all, but don’t have a clue now to add a song! Is the option still available? I can’t see the search link above the first track like you mentioned…

  8. I don’t have a twitter so I’m hoping this is acceptable,

    But I picked I’m going to be (500 mile) by the Proclaimers! Not only is it my favorite road trip song hands down but it’s also in honor of the ending of How I Met Your Mother!!

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