Rad Fruits: Benefits Of Cherimoya

It’s funny, I’ve perused the produce section at health food stores countless times, yet I always seem to end up buying only what I know I like. There are tons of fruits and vegetables out there that are interesting, healthy, and delicious… and I want to make it my mission to try them all.

First up: cherimoya.

This sweet fruit — also known as the custard apple — is native to the Andes mountain range in South America. It has a taste reminiscent of strawberry, banana, pineapple, peach, and papaya… and a deliciously creamy consistency. It’s often frozen and then eaten with a spoon, which is the reason for its well-known nickname: the ice cream fruit.

Cherimoya - ice cream fruit

It’s filled with fiber to keep you full, aid your digestive tract, and lower your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It’s got tons of vitamin C to keep your immune system pumping, as well as vitamin B, which keeps your energy levels high; your nerves in check; and your skin, hair, and nails at their optimal health. It has antioxidants, especially annonaceous acetogenins — which are believed to help prevent or treat the likes of malaria, parasites, and cancer. Lastly, it’s loaded with potassium to help regulate your blood pressure and optimize your heart, muscles, and digestion.

Cherimoya info

When you go to buy a cherimoya, think of it like an avocado. Choose one that’s firm to the touch, and store it at room temperature. Once it feels like a ripe avocado, wait one more day, then it’s ready to be eaten!

But… how would one go about eating a cherimoya? Let us count the ways… Cherimoyas can be spooned right out of the skin and eaten that way, cut into cubes for salads, pureed for pastries, or frozen and blended into smoothies… just to name a few. To open, cut lengthwise with a knife, then remove the seeds and outer skin — these should not be eaten.

Hand and cherimoya

Have you ever tried a cherimoya? Let us know how you like to eat it!

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  1. I live in Miami and have a giant chirimoya tree in my backyard! It’s a family favorite from when we lived in Cuba. Some of them now are the size of small melons. I like to eat it cold and mushy… No spoon required, just dig in! I’m thinking this would also make a good base for a moisturizing face scrub.

  2. I got one of these when I went to a farmer’s market in Santa Barbara. I never had it before and just wanted to try it. It’s like a piña colada in fruit form.. So yummy.

  3. I love you how everyone is completely oblivious to how you used us for free advertising for your “What Does Free Mean To You” contest. I used to love and support Free People, shop at your store every week, read your blog and find inspiration through you. Now i feel embarrassed for you and anyone else that stands behind you.

  4. The actual spelling of this fruit is “Chirimoya” close enough, is delicious! is native from Peru which is where i am from :). Another mind blowing tasteful fruit native from Peru is called “Lúcuma” that taste is absolutly unique! try it!

  5. You guys cherimoya is also great on the face, like if you just put the fruit directly on your face it softens your skin as well as removes toxins.

  6. I have never seen one of these before. Looks like a pear with scales. I’ll have to pay more attention at Whole Foods next trip and see if they have them. I’m curious what it tastes like now

  7. Cherimoya is also is Amazing in Hair Products.There is or was a Product by Peter Hanz with Cherimoya.I worked in a Salon in San luis Obispo When I would see someone with Truly Amazing Hair,I would ask What do you use?They responded Peter Hanz With Cherimoya

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