Scenes From The Office

This week, spring arrived, we were introduced to a new office pup, and Julia and I adjusted to being back in Philly after an amazing time at SXSW. Have a look below at this week’s captures!

homer pup

Meet Homer, everyone!

painting material

Work supplies.

ali at desk

Vintage buyer at her desk.

office vases

Lobby Vases.

pup and converse

Office pup.

office twigs

Dewy branches.

painting at desk

Busy at work.

rainy day

Finding shelter from the rain.

More scenes from the office.

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9 years ago

Such a dreamy office, the pups are too cute!!

9 years ago

Green with envy. I have a disabled kitty i take with my everywhere but i cant take her to work.
You are all very lucky to work in such an amazing place and be able to have you babies with you.

Ella Wild xoxox

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9 years ago

Definitely dreamy! I always love these posts!!
Xx, Tiffany { }

9 years ago

Wow what an amazing and eclectic office space. No wonder Free People is such an awesome brand!

Krystal |

9 years ago

i LOVE! especially the dogs! <3

9 years ago