Shine On


Letting go, weeding out, detoxing… lifting the clutter, debunking the mess. While color and chaos have their own rightful beauty and poignancy, simple… simple is full of power. It allows your soul to shine on through it all.

Simplicity. She is strong. She is elegant. She is full of ease and grace, of confidence and perseverance. It’s no easy task- to master the practice of simplicity- but when we do… we realize that simplicity does not simply mean “simple.” Oh no. Au contraire. Quite the opposite my friends. It embodies supreme sophistication, true excellence, beauty stripped down to its truest form. We see the real, we feel the raw… and we are then able to proceed with the shine of our own worth and intellect. Without distraction, we are left with life’s truest character… honesty.

Black and whites with bits of shine, specs of embroidered details woven sparingly like the lines of life in the palms of your hands. Inspired by the music season ahead; we wanted to reveal the naked beauty of black and whites, of going as who you are… Strip down to the basics this time round. Move in the direction of self-pursuit;. what you desire, how you feel, what excites you, where you will go and who you will take.

To all of you beauties reading this… strip down to the essentials and shine on, brighter than ever before.

“Purity and simplicity are the two wings with which man soars above the earth and all temporary nature.” –Thomas Kempis

FP 0662_580

Mille Feuille Dress

FP 0612_580

Mille Feuille Dress, Gentry Boot, Tala Armband.

FP 0411_580

LA Nite Tank, Crochet Shorts, Peyton Pocket Belt, Matador Hat, Corvus Armband.

FP 0401_580

LA Nite Tank, Crochet Shorts, Peyton Pocket Belt, Matador Hat, Corvus Armband, Gentry Mid Boot.

FP 0370_580

FP One Embroidered Bib Peasant Blouse, Moroccan Hip Belt, FP Pull On Kick Flare.

FP 0086_580

Stardust Jumpsuit

FP 0242_580

FP One Battenburg Bralette, Lightweight Stretch Skinny, Straw Suede Banded Panama


FP 0488_580

Rory Lace Ruana


Towards The West Tee


FP 0328_580

Sheer Smocked Bodice Cami, Patton Porkpie Hat

FP 0709_580

FP 0118_580

Rachel Scallop Lace Poncho, Matador Hat

FP 0144_580


Raw Destroyed Boyfriend Jean, Bad Romance Pullover, Embellished Vest

FP 0566_580

On The Open Road Lace Tunic, Vegan Leather Sandal

FP 0196_580


Photographer: Rus Anson

HMU: Emily Nickrent

Model: Monika @ Vision

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6 years ago

Love the tasseled kimono, the jumper in the second to last picture and the hat! Shame they’re most definitely not things I can afford.

6 years ago

Love this post. Simple is beauty’s truest form.

6 years ago

<3 LOVE <3

6 years ago

Yeahh Rus! These images are beautiful. So great to see your work on here. Miss you! x

6 years ago

I am in love with all these pieces!
Xx, Tiffany { }

6 years ago

Oh my goodness I think I pinned like every other image, all of these are SO perfect.

6 years ago

On the road open lace tunic = <3

6 years ago

I love how those pictures are photographed. Indie summers <3

Breathe Me

6 years ago

I love simplicity. It makes everything so much more clear & vibrant when you decide what is really important to you and clear out the rest of the “stuff”. Clearing out the things that don’t really matter, things that you don’t need, things that you could easily live without. I think that life is more joyful, pure and real when you are focused on what’s important to you, what rings true. Just a few of my thoughts on simplicity.

6 years ago

Love every single piece I see!

6 years ago

this post!!!! festival genius amy & doub <3 <3 <3