Spotlight On: Morgan Joanel

We’re all in a bit of a summer mindset this week thanks to the beautiful Surf Spirit imagery gracing our homepage, and one of the first places that comes to mind when I think of surf and sun is Australia. So, I’m excited to share this shoot from Aussie songstress and stylish beauty, Morgan Joanel. Native to Perth and now living in Sydney, Morgan is a creative soul who is merging her passions for music, art, fashion, and jewelry design through her life and work. It’s always so inspiring to see someone who is able to take advantage of so many different creative outlets, and you can get a further glimpse into Morgan’s world on her blog MojoMade. Get to know Morgan below, and pick up some serious festival style inspiration from the shoot she did for Free People!

morgan joanel free people

Describe your music in three words: Gypsy Rock’n’Roll

You are also passionate about fashion – in what ways do you think music and fashion go hand in hand?

I think both are simple ways of saying complicated things! Music and fashion are individually such creative, passionate forms of art and self expression and for me the marriage comes from the two inspiring each other. I’m often in the middle of writing music when I want to start sketching new designs and when it comes to playing shows, my outfit always sets my mood before I go on stage.

morgan joanel free people

morgan joanel free people

How would you describe your personal style? What is your go-to outfit?

I think it’s a similar style to my music – Gypsy Rock’n’Roll…It’s free and bohemian but there’s always something that makes it a little dusty. My go-to outfit is a maxi skirt with high slits, tank top, black boots, layers of jewelry and a big hat.

What essential items do you always like to have with you when traveling?

I cannot live without coconut oil – I cook with it, put it in smoothies, use it as hair elixir and it’s an amazing skin serum; I don’t even use moisturizer anymore. My iPad mini for recording music on the go and blogging (and basically running my life), my Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and a selection of crystals to heal and energize from my jewelry line The Elemental Collection.

morgan joanel free people

morgan joanel free people

What do you love most about your hometown of Perth, Australia?

The beaches in the west are the best! It’s a very chilled out place with beautiful weather all year round and I miss watching sunsets over the ocean now that I live in Sydney on the east coast.

What is the last book you read?

Life by Keith Richards.

Who are some of your personal favorite musicians?

The Doors and The Rolling Stones are my all time favorite bands and I’m always listening to Lykke Li, Wilde Belle, The Rubens and The Black Keys.

morgan joanel free people

If you could travel anywhere in the world…where would you go? Why?

I have an ongoing flirtation with Morocco – I’ve never been but there’s something so magical and magnetic about the colors of the Moroccan décor, food, and general style… It’s ancient, vibrant and exotic all in one. I’ll get there at some point!

morgan joanel free people

Get the look: Florence Hirise Wideleg, Fringe Halter Top, India Coin Headpiece, Trapped Crystal Cuff, Dancing Armband. (Morgan is wearing jewelry from her line MojoMade).

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6 years ago

She is incredible. Stunning photos.

6 years ago

Gorgeous look, exceptional photos too! Morgan is inspirational.

6 years ago

Absolutely amazing look.
Morgan is her own person with her very own look.

6 years ago

Oh wow I love this! I just went over to her blog and discovered her music and jewelry – thanks for sharing such an inspirational spirit!