The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Sunglasses have the ability to add a cool element to any look — and this season we’re really excited about all of the new styles on our site. Something that has always intrigued me, though, is the fact that a pair of sunglasses that works really well on one person can end up looking totally out of place on another. To help solve this silly little issue, Jana and I turned to our stylists to help us figure out how to choose the best pair of sunglasses based on face shape. The key: It’s all about balance!

Round faces work best with angular sunglasses, as these angles help to balance out the spherical shape. The oversized Abbey Road Sunglasses look like they were made for Alyssa.

Round face, angular sunglasses


When it comes to sunglasses, those with oval-shaped faces are the luckiest of all! Because of the natural balance created by an oval shape, basically any shape of sunglasses will do! We’re in love with Rounders Sunglass, which look super cool on our graphic designer Jenny.

jenny rounders

jenny glasses

Just as angular sunglasses work on round faces, round sunglasses are meant for square faces! Jillian looks incredible in the Freya Sunglasses, with their unique wrap frames and gold touches.

Square face, round sunglasses


Cat-eye sunglasses are another kind that work wonderfully for those with oval-shaped faces. We love how the Love Story Sunglasses look on Colby, who just so happened to have done her makeup in the shape of a cat eye, too!

Oval face, cat-eye sunglasses


If you have a heart-shaped face, Aviators are a prime choice for you. Their rounded edges help to move the focus downward on the face, balancing out the look overall. The Apres Ski Aviators work perfectly for our assistant buyer Kate.

Heart face, aviators


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  1. These girls are all stunningly beautiful but you’ve gotten some of their face shapes wrong.

    And hearts (she isn’t one) should never wear aviators as they pull the face down. Hearts look better in butterfly or cat eye styles to draw the eye up and away from a pointy chin. (<< I only know this because I have one. :/ )

  2. i have a heart-shaped face, and i find that the aviator style actually looks terrible! the bottom of the frames hit my high cheekbones rather than hanging casually over them, causing the sunglasses to ‘lift off’ a little… what frames are second-best for heart-shaped faces? heeeelp :3

  3. This is a great post! I love it. As an oval-face, I have always struggled figuring out which sunglasses fit me the best. I always knew oval-faces work for almost all styles, yet I can not find a style to stick with! I’ve done just about everything when it comes to sunglasses. From aviators, to wayfarers, to clubmasters. I’ve always wanted to be adventurous and buy round sunglasses, but I am scared they will not work with my face shape. This blog post gave me a new sense of confidence and I will definitely try out new styles of sunglasses. I am thinking about trying these out, Thoughts?

  4. Great!!

    I love the way you described about sunglasses for every shape. I am the lover of sunglasses and looking from many days. I have round shape face and I think you are right, we must choose eyeglasses according to our face shape.
    Avoid pairs that are round or curvy, and instead choose rectangular or angular frames to counter the roundness.
    Now, I can easily choose the best pair that suits on my face.

    Thank You!!

  5. Hi
    Your blog is great, i think you should also inform people about expensive and cheap sunglasses and the difference in UV protection they offer.
    I also wanted to know about oversized sunglasses as choozing them for faceshapes isn’t mentioned in detail here.
    Thank you

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