Top 3 Jewelry Trends For Spring

A brand new season is dawning, one of color, light, and growth. As tiny plants emerge from the earth beneath our toes, and beautiful eggs hatch in the nests above, spring gives way to a fresh start, in all aspects of life. To get even more excited about this beautiful season, I turned to our accessories buying assistant, Hanna, to give us some inside tips on which jewelry trends to adorn ourselves with this spring.

Leather + color: We love the aesthetic of leather and colorful bracelet sets that you can wear individually or mix and match by stacking up different styles to your heart’s content!

Colorful bracelets

Pictured: Stone Cluster Hard Bangle, All In A Word Leather Bracelet, Cord and Metal Bead Wrap, Stack Em Up Bead Wrap

Hand, bracelets, greens, black

Pictured: Stone Plate Suede Set, Collecting Coins Suede Set

Delicate earrings: We love the versatility of delicate stud sets — we are definitely into the mismatched earring trend; girls with multiple piercings can do dainty studs paired with hoop earrings, and precious stone details.

Mismatched earrings 2

Mismatched earrings

Pictured: Tiny 6 Pack Studs, Opal Triangle Studs

Eclectic elements: We are very attracted to new beaded, leather, and suede jewelry elements — we love to throw on a leather pendant with a long beaded piece to get the vibe of a girl who’s picked up treasures from around the globe.

Suede and bead necklace

Eclectic necklaces

Pictured: Suede Abacus NecklaceWell Traveled Beaded Layer Necklace, Sahara Necklace

We have lots of beautiful & exciting pieces to fit these trends coming out this month, so keep an eye on our jewelry shop!

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  1. I LOVE the grey tank in the last pic with the shoulder detail…is that part of the new spring collection?

  2. You love to get the vibe of a girl who’s travelled the globe? Hahaha how ironic I love trawling your blog and catalogues to get inspiration from your stylists while I travel the globe picking up pieces to get the free people look! Hahahaha! Just been living in India for 6 months after 4 months in Thailand. Probably Mexico next… Awesome to see I’m inspired by you, free people, being inspired by girls like me :))

  3. Was just wondering if FP have had the 6 pack of beautiful stud earrings made with better quality metals yet. Read several comments about customers ears having really bad reactions to the metals that were used in the sets.

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