1 Tool, 3 Wedding DIYs

Oh the joys of the paper pot press. I actually hadn’t the slightest clue what a pot press was until just recently, when our friends over at Terrain granted us one, along with no other instruction than to do with it as we pleased… Now I’m in love.

This simple wooden tool is designed to recycle old newspaper into starter pots for baby plants and seedlings — but you know we’re going to be using it for a million other things. I found it to be incredibly useful when it came to creating hand-done wedding elements, and today I’m sharing three ways to use a paper pot press for just that!

Ways to use a pot pressTo use a pot press, all you need is some paper. You can use newspaper, wrapping paper, a brown paper bag, you name it! As long as it it’s relatively thin, any paper should do.

Pretty paperFirst, cut a strip that’s about 3.5″ x 10″ (or longer). Roll the paper around the press, and fold under the ends. Press into the wooden form to secure the shape, then remove!

How to use a pot pressCut, roll, fold, and press. :)

For my first project, I filled some pots with preserved moss and pressed leaves.

Ways to use a pot press

I love the idea of having these scattered all over a table at the wedding reception for some beautiful decor that guests can bring home at the end of the night!

Ways to use a pot pressNext, I made a pot that was about half that height, and added some hand-painted details.

Ways to use a pot pressFor this one, I filled it with dried herbs and flowers to create my own potpourri!

Ways to use a pot press

I’m picturing these scattered all over the table as well, to add some more color and a beautiful scent to the atmosphere. Ways to use a pot press

Lastly, I made some pots similar in size to the first ones, but filled them with soil and wildflower seeds.Ways to use a pot pressI held two sides together, and cut along the top edge creating a scalloped look. Then, I poked a hole straight through, and tied the pot shut with some natural string.

Ways to use a pot pressI love this as another little gift for guests to take home at the end of the night. When their wildflowers bloom, they’ll be reminded of this very day and all the happiness that went along with it!

Ways to use a pot press

Ways to use a pot press How would you use your paper pot press?

Thanks so much to Terrain for letting us have fun with their pot press!

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7 years ago

These are perfect for spring garden parties as well! Very sweet.


7 years ago
7 years ago

I saw these in the Terrain jewelry displays! :) So pretty!


7 years ago

I think these wonderful pots would be awesome to hold jewelry – especially earrings and rings. It would help organize my collection is such a beautifully artistic way! Thank you for sharing!


7 years ago

Okay way fun! Such a lovely DIY!


7 years ago

These are really amazing diy wedding craft ideas. I think it worth someone do it for even other special moments also.

6 years ago

Lovely xx

6 years ago

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5 years ago

Love love Love this….! thank you for sharing