Weekend Getaways: The Beach

Sunbeams shine down on your skin, and you heat up as the rays soak in. Soft sand, soaring gulls, crashing waves…it’s all there. A good book to get lost in is all you need. Page by page you turn, creating a picture in your mind as the surroundings allow you to escape. As the weather starts to turn nice, the beach is the only thing on my mind.

Here’s what I’m taking to the shore…

1) Raw Hem Denim Cutoff

2) Outskirts Lace Cami

3) Flamingo Harbour Crop Top

4) Printed Dolphin Bottom

5) Coin Drop Pendant

6) Ancient Highway Statement Necklace

7) Makala Cuff 

8) Stone Cluster Hard Bangle

9) XOXO Ring

10) Gotcha Sunglass

11) Toledo Tote

12) Contrast Straw Fedora

13) Second Nature Sandal

14) A good book

15) Handful of seashells

bag sandles and book

shorts and necklace


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9 years ago

Obsessed! Love the beach. Heading there in just a few weeks actually :D

9 years ago

I love this. more woman should be strong enough to do this. **** what people think of you alone.

That suit is amazing! Is it reversible?

xx Kelly

9 years ago

I love the printed crop top/bustier!

9 years ago

reminds of my home when we head to the beach and always look good…love the outfit