Weekend Getaways: The Open Road

It happens around this time every year…I start to get restless, and the urge arises from somewhere deep within to just GO. It just so happens that in early March, several years ago, I did just that — I threw a bag in the trunk of my car, picked up my best friend, and drove…with no destination. We didn’t even use directions, we just had a standard road map and we followed certain sqiggly highway lines from one town to the next, stopping for the night only when we simply couldn’t keep going. Our latest short film, The Ride, only stirs these feelings even more. The road and the western winds call to me in my sleep, urging me to take that next adventure.

1. Daybreak Embroidered Skinny

2. We The Free Isabelle Tank

3. Mercury Sunglasses

4. US road map

5. Felt Porkpie Hat

6. Arizona Birkenstock

7. Car keys

road trip inspiration

road trip inspiration

road trip inspiration

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8 years ago

I love getting away for the weekend! These FP clothes are the perfect ones to do so in!


8 years ago

That sounds like a perfect weekend! I’ve been so bogged down with work and school lately that I’ve barely had any time to myself, but as soon as the temperatures rise above freezing I’m going to grab my boyfriend and drive for a day.

8 years ago

Just had this feeling last weekend and actually went on a road trip! Felt amazing to go, and amazing to come back home feeling refreshed! Xx, Tiffany { http://www.sunshinedaydreamphotography.com/ }

8 years ago

This inspired my own mini road trip today. grabbed a friend and hit a few
antique flea-markets. found some pretty cute things. sadly there was no ocean in my
road trip as montreal is very far from any. but the sun was out, so great.

Ella Wild xoxox