5 Natural Air Fresheners For Spring

This week, I finally smelled it. That delicious scent swirling in the windows and through the house that can only be described as “spring.” My whole life, the first signs of that scent have always gotten me giddy… and it only gets more intense as we move into summer.

But even though the scents of the outdoors are a beautiful refresh for the home, sometimes the stagnant nature of wintertime creates a musty scent indoors that only becomes highlighted as natural circulation wafts through. Fear not, though, because there is, of course, a natural solution for that. More than just one, actually… here are 5!

1. Coconut & lime (Yes, just like the blogger!)

Coconut and lime

I love making simmering stove top potpourri during the fall and winter, but I just realized that it’s a brilliant way to scent the house in the warm seasons, too! Lime and coconut together make a gorgeously tropical scent that will give your home that summer feeling. Just fill a small saucepan about 3/4 full with water, add a sliced lime and a tablespoon of coconut extract, bring to a boil, and then simmer. Suddenly you’ll feel like you’re laying on a beautiful hammock in the sun, swinging back and forth between two palm trees. Speaking of palm trees…

2. Palm trees

Palms and oranges

Certain houseplants — like palms — are wonderful air purifiers, working to clear toxins out of your home without you even knowing it! Simply place a palm in the room you’d like to purify, and let it do its thing. And in case you’re curious, here are 5 more houseplants that clean the air!

3. Room spray

Lavender and sage

I absolutely love using natural room sprays. They have an immediate effect on the room and your mood, and you don’t have to worry about breathing in harsh chemicals like you would when using many store-bought versions. Plus, you can customize the scent to your liking. I like to make one by filling up a metal spray bottle 3/4 with distilled water, then almost to the top with witch hazel. I then add about 30-50 drops of essential oil — I like using lavender and sage for a really fresh smell.

4. Dired flower potpourri

Homemade potpourri

This, in my opinion, is the prettiest kind of air freshener that exists! Gather a bunch of flowers you love, let them dry, and add them to a beautiful vessel with some essential oil, and any other trinkets you please. Another option is to tie some potpourri  up in a piece of mesh fabric and place it inside your drawers. You’ll have beautifully-scented clothes every single day. Here’s a more detailed post on DIY potpourri if you’re interested!

5. Ground coffee

Ground coffee

Ground coffee has an incredible ability to wipe out unwanted scents from the home, without making the entire place smell like coffee. First, allow the coffee grounds to dry out in order to avoid mold. Then, transfer them to a small bowl and place it in the room of concern. Voila! Clean air. :)

How else do you refresh the air in your home? Let us know!

More DIY ideas from the BLDG 25 Blog.

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8 years ago

The best natural air freshener is a ripe guava. Seriously just the fruit. No preparing or anything. Just having a ripe on in the room makes the whole room smell amazing!

8 years ago

I really love using a dab of lemon essential oil on a cotton ball. You can “hide” several around a room and it instantly freshens the whole space – great for my musty NYC apartment!

8 years ago

I’m a big lilac fan for the spring time. I’m fortunate to have many trees near my house, and simply opening the windows fills my home with the beautiful fragrance. I also use the stove top potpourri as will. I love oranges in mine :)


8 years ago

The Fanciful Fox makes terrific smelling, vegan and cruelty-free room sprays that are not to be missed!

8 years ago

I love to make a little spray bottle of room/body spray- I even travel with it. My current favorite blend is frankincensce, myrrh, cedar, rosewood and black pepper. Black pepper essential oil is amazing.

8 years ago

Please and thank you! Besides incense, coffee is our number one method of refreshing the apartment. Can’t wait to try these others.


8 years ago

These are my favorite kind of posts–I love tips for creating natural, DIY things. These are all great tips, and I’m definitely trying the coconut and lime!

xo Katie


8 years ago

Why do you add witch hazel to the room spray?

8 years ago

Has anyone ever tried heating up cinnamon in a pan over the stove? It literally soaks up any unwanted scents! I do this whenever i cook fish or fry french fries or burn my food lol. So you just throw some cinnamon in a pan (maybe a table spoon.. or three) and you just heat it on the stove at low maybe medium low and just swish it around with a wooden spoon .. or fork whatever you’ve got to keep it from burning too quickly. And as soon as you see it darkening or smells like its toasting, throw it out. Don’t bother opening the windows or anything because then it won’t work. It’ll take like a minute or two but trust me when i say your entire kitchen/ house will be odor free! I don’t know how it works, I just know it works.

8 years ago

Vikki : do you add water or just the cinnamon powder alone?

8 years ago

What’s your oppinion about essential oils and their usage as a natural air-freshener?

8 years ago

What is your opinion about essential oils as natural air fresheners?

7 years ago

Cocount and Lime,,,Yes! That’s one of the most refreshing spring scents, especially after a long winter winter like we experience in Canada. It immediately puts my on a beach somewhere warm.

We’ve come up with a natural air freshener that you can use anytime you like and is designed to be more personal, as opposed to filling an entire room. We’d love to get your thoughts. Thanks!


barry shmidt
4 years ago