A New Adventure

It starts as a the faintest of feelings.

Like a single strand of hair that brushes across your face as a breeze wafts in through the window. It’s so small, it almost doesn’t even exist. You may ignore it at first, but as the moments accumulate, you notice that feeling building within you. It gets stronger and stronger until you can no longer suppress it. No longer is this just an idea of something you might possibly want to do. It’s something you must do.

Redhead with sunflower

Lovely readers, dear friends, a new adventure is calling my name. I’ve always been the type to follow my heart. Rarely do I do anything with a solid plan in mind. I don’t know that I could do that. It just wouldn’t be me.

Almost exactly two years ago, I moved to Philadelphia from New York to get started on this dream job of mine. A dream job that turned into a whole new life. It honestly has been a dream come true. My life has been changed in the greatest of ways. I wouldn’t give this back for anything. In just a few days, I’ll be heading back to New York for a bit. A few months I think — the summer, maybe. Back to my roots, to reground myself. Then, I’ll be off to somewhere else.

Walking away with sunflower

Exactly what I’ll be doing I can’t be sure. I have to wait and see where my heart leads me. I’ve always wanted to open up and online shop, selling some beautiful objects I come across but can’t possibly keep all for myself, as well as my own little creations. I think I’ll start there. Maybe it’ll be well received, maybe it’ll be a total bust. I have no way of knowing until I try it out. I’ve also always had this dream of being some sort of host on a TV show or something. Why? I have no idea. I don’t even own a TV. But I love to be totally ridiculous and really freaking weird, and to make people laugh in the process. Again, I’ll just wait and see. :)

One thing I do know, though, is that I’m certainly not ready to totally leave Free People. Absolutely not. Wherever I go, whatever I end up doing, I’m still planning to very much be a part of this blog of ours. I unfortunately won’t be quite as involved, but you can expect to hear from me here and there throughout the week, every week, until I reach a point in my journey where that’s no longer doable — if that ever even happens. I love you all too much to say goodbye for good!

Building 25

So yes, I’ll still be around, but I wanted to take this time to say thank you to you all. These past two years have been a whirlwind of experiences for me. I can’t put in to words the gratitude I have for everything this opportunity at Free People has given me — and you guys are a gigantic part of that. What would I do without your support? I can’t tell you how much joy we all get from reading your comments and seeing you partake in the different contests we do — whether here, on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook… anywhere. And if you ever get the thought that we don’t click the links when you share your personal blogs with us, you better think again. ;) So please, keep reading, keep sharing your thoughts with us, and keep your suggestions coming! We love you all.

Free People bloggers

I’d love for you to stop by my personal blog Hummusbird, and keep in touch with me on Instagram! Maaaybe even look out for my shop to come on Etsy. :)

But, as I said, I’m certainly not leaving this blog. So… I’ll be back in a few days with my next post!



  1. sad to see you go, brigette, but good luck in all your next adventures! we’re rooting for you xx

  2. OMG! I have learn a lot from you on your posts! Im certainly gonna be looking for your posts every week! Wish you the best of luck on your next project!

  3. I will miss your regular posts! I hope you have a great summer in NYC. I opened an online shop not too long ago on a whim and it has been much more successful than I thought possible – I’m sure yours will do really well! Your personal blog is lovely and I look forward to following you on there. Best of luck!

  4. Feel out those roots, Bridgette! At least you will be nearby. I get the itch to touch down in my roots in SF/California, but it isn’t a convenient train ride away. Have a beautiful summer, lady! I will see you around. xo

  5. Good Luck! New adventures of the unknown are so exciting! I will definitely miss your regular posts on here, but will be checking your personal blog and of course i’m excited about that new etsy shop you speak of.

  6. You have really been an inspiration to me, I love your view point on life, your creativity and humor. I follow you on instagram and also read your blog too. I have so much confidence in your adventures because you seem like a genuinely good person- with an AMAZING style. I’m happy you’re not totally leaving the FP family because when I first saw your instagram picture (or Jana’s, not sure) I was so upset. Best of luck to all you do, I can’t wait for your Etsy shop! Keep on keepin on girl!

  7. Brigette! I wrote you a love letter a while back after seeing you in bloomberg business weekly! you are my idol and I love you. so many blessings your way. you go mama.


  8. you can’t leave I need you! you’re my favorite blogger <3 who else is going to teach me how to wash my hair with honey and stain things with tea & coffee. this blog has changed the essence of how I live and see life and you are definitely a big part of that brigette. I am happy for you and hope you find what you are looking for. I'm glad you will be in and out on the blog still and I will for sure follow your personal blog. I hope you can see somewhat how many peoples lives you touch through this blog and I know you will keep touching peoples lives because that's who you are. I look forward to your journey. :):) ~positive vibes


  9. Aaaw, Brigette, I’ll miss your regular posts, they were always my favourite! But I’m happy you’re not completely leaving and I’ll also follow your personal blog for sure! I’m excited to hear about your new adventures! All the best to you!

  10. Awww, I loved all of your posts! Like they’re my absolute favorites! And sometimes, when I’m sad I look up that picture you once took when you smuggled Ollie onto the bus in your scarf, that always makes me laugh. Have a wonderful adventure though, I’m really looking forward to following your journey! And if you ever come to Sweden, lets grab a coffee and talk about bees and cats.
    Love, Ottilia

  11. Good luck with whatever you do! I love that you’re brave enough to wander and completely follow your heart, what a wonderful lifestyle. I hope you find an awesome adventure, i’ll miss reading your regular posts! :)

  12. aww good luck Bridgette! i know that where ever you go you will shine and bask in success! i just want to say that you are one of the most inspiring and wonderful people i have ever seen. i want to thank you for all of your amazing posts and just being you, you are so cool and i really look up to you a lot! i’m 16 and you have totally inspired me and everything about you has really influenced my lifestyle in the most positive of ways. thank you so much, you are amazing and i can’t wait to see where this great new adventure takes you!!!

  13. Good Luck with you’re new adventure! I’ve only been reading this blog a few months, but have really enjoyed your posts (and actually went back and read all the old posts too!).

    I recently started up my own business selling my designs, moving away from London and back to the seaside. It was scary, but so SO worth it (I hope). I hope you find whatever you do as fulfilling as I have.



  14. Good luck lady! Your need for a new adventure is so eloquently put. I can’t wait to read what happens next!

  15. Sinceriest Wishes in all your up-and-coming endeavors!! You will be great! You are love, and light, and truly appreciated!

  16. Best of luck, lovely lady! I look forward to seeing your next adventure, and your etsy site. Etsy is such a lovely community of creative people; you’ll be drawn right in :)

  17. This makes me so sad. Best of luck and send me the damn link to that online shop when it happens. Because it will happen. And you will be amazing.

  18. Everything in life has a meaning, and this must be a chance for you to see something new, and you’ll love it!! Can’t wait to hear about it! xoxo

  19. Everything in life has a meaning, and this must be a chance for you to see something new, and you’ll love it!! Can’t wait to hear about it! xoxo

  20. Lady, you will do awesome things. You are seriously an inspiration to me numerous ways (you’re the reason I started following FP…. religiously). I can’t wait to see where your beautiful journey takes you!

  21. I made the same decision this time last year to leave a job, get back to my roots and discover more about who I am. It’s been almost exactly 1 year since and I’ve never looked back with regret. (Not that I think you would) You have a great adventure in front of you and I wish you the best of luck!
    PS. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an online store. =)


  22. It is absolutely my dream to blog for Free People!!! I am a passionate blogger babe myself and just adore every single thing you post! Thank you for sharing so much beauty and joy with me and all of your readers! Maybe I shall work with you sometime. xoxo Good luck hon!

  23. dear brigette,

    you’ve inspired and motivated free spirits everywhere with your fun and creative personality.

    isn’t it beautiful how the change of seasons can change our direction? especially after winter, it’s like we’re all reborn again – to do something new with a fresh perspective.

    i wish you nothing but happiness and success in your upcoming adventure because you truly deserve it. I’ll be looking forward to your next post just like i always do (funny how somethings never change ;)) keep smilin’!

    hugs and high fives,

  24. I almost cried sniff sniff.
    But good luck Brigette! And thank you too for all your DIYs and decor ideas. And also for sharing your personal space with us! good luck!

  25. We love you Bridgette! You are one of the reasons I read the blog every morning and I am sad to see you go but I know we’ll be hearing from you in the future! Best of luck!

  26. Farewell to my favorite blogger. I can’t wait to see your updates and follow whatever you do next. You got me into Ayurveda and it’s slowly but surely changing the course of my life. Thank you, Bridgette for sharing your heartfelt words and images.

  27. Thank you all so so so much for all the love! You’re all melting my heart. Love you all! xoxoxoxxxooxoxox

  28. BRIGETTE! So excited for you! I absolutely love all of your posts on this blog, as well as your personal blog and just your whole personality and radiance! Wishing you the best of luck on your new adventure. Much love.

  29. Congratulations and good luck my dear! You are such a talented and skilled writer and overall documenter of life — I look forward to hearing and seeing your new adventures with bated breath! I love your description of the feeling of change — I felt the soft tug myself over 2 years ago that slowly became a persistent push. It was terrifying to stop working and just let myself drift around, looking for something, and not knowing what it was, and I was so impatient along the way to learn everything I wanted about myself. You think that you’re going to see change coming, and that it will make itself known to you in a loud, clear act, but I look back now and realize I changed in slow ways that accumulated over time — but that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone into new situations. I’m going on too long for a comment, but I just wanted to say I’m so excited for you and I wish you all the best!!
    X&O -Jessica

  30. Good luck! I’m going to miss you so much on FP, not sure what I’ll do without your inspirational home decor and natural beauty posts!

  31. I would love to live
    Like a river flows.
    Carried by the suprise
    Of its own unfolding.

    I saw this poem on the FP Blog a while back and decided to move to Colorado without ever having been there. What an AMAZING decision!

    Thanks for all the inspiration over the past two years and forever! Keep those positive vibes flowing!

  32. This makes me so sad and happy all at the same time! Good luck and THANK YOU for each and every blog post, you are always so honest and inspiring.

  33. That was beautiful Brigette! I’m tearing up, I wish you all the very best and I can’t wait to see what new adventures you come across! I think it’s so courageous to follow your heart, many people usually hold back in fear of change and the unknown. Your blog is always so inspirational to us! Thank you very very much for sharing a part of your heart & soul with us. We Love You! xoxo

  34. Brigette, I love your posts and always look forward to them. Good luck to you on your journey!

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