The Beauty Of Tile Works

There’s beauty to be found wherever you go. 

Earlier this week, Brigette and I took the day to explore the beauty that is the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works — an incredible museum and national historic landmark located just outside of the city. We heard this place was the home to some amazing tile work, so we wanted to check it out for ourselves. What we found was a castle-like structure adorned to the brim with a historic collection of immaculate tile and antique findings. We were surprised to find that this place is actually an operating tile space, too. We found tiles being made from local clay right in front of our eyes. We spent a few hours winding down the dungeon-like corridors, taking in every detail that caught our eye.

Tile Works Museum

Tile Works Museum

Tile table

Embellished leather jacket

Tile Works Museum

Printed dress, fireplace

Tile Works Museum

Old wooden door, concrete building

llight room

tiles and things

brig in tile room

pretty pots

fire place

cool light

tile case

me in room

hammering tile

cool tiles

brig down hallway

If you ever find yourself in the area, you should absolutely take a wander through the Moravian Pottery & Tile Works. They even host fun classes and workshops. :)

Wearing: Cool Girl Kaftan, Matador Hat, Embellished Classic Leather Biker Jacket, Maheya Baggy Tube Romper.

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This is the same reason i love breaking into abandoned buildings to take pictures. great.

Ella Wild xoxox
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This place looks really amazing.

Beautiful photos! And thanks for the link.. I was curious how old this place is. I love wondering around old landmarks like this, imagining how life was like back then.


Beautiful photos and amazing patterns and textile ideas!!!

Such Amazingly Gorgeous Photos!!! They have the feel of a time long ago, in a past century when the pace of life was slower and simpler. When the craftsmen all took pride in the quality of their work. Thank you so very much for sharing!!!

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

This is in my hometown! I was a photography intern for Fonthill & the tile works last summer, it’s such cool place to photograph

I used to be one of the tile makers there — it was an amazing 4 years. I learned so much about ceramic techniques, and made great friends… even met the man who would later become my husband! It’s a magical place. Even if you live far away, it’s worth the trip to see all 3 of the Mercer museum buildings in Doylestown.

Ute Reinhardt

It looks great!
Can you tell me where it is?


I grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and when my son was little I used to take him to play there. 30 years later, he was married there.
The wedding ceremony was outdoors in the back yard of Fonthill and the reception under a beautiful tent with crystal chandeliers, and an immense dance floor. It was beautiful.
The Mercer Museum is also amazing.