Body Crayons Are The New Festival Paint

Festival season is in full swing, and we’re doing things a bit differently this year.

As a shift from the colorful, over-the-top bright festival looks we’re used to, this year we’re going for something a little cooler, simpler, and more subdued. We have these awesome colored Face Crayons on our site that are specifically here for festival season — but we love using them all over the rest of the body, too. They’re a lot less messy than typical festival paint (even though of course we don’t mind getting messy for festivals), but the main reason we love them is that they allow you to form cleaner lines, making it way easier to create anything you can dream up.

We especially love using black, white, and metallics to create cool yet simple designs on the hand, down the back, around the wrist, over the eyes, and on the upper arm. Maybe we’ll add in a pop of color here and there. Jana and I took an afternoon to experiment with these babies, and were quite pleased with the results. Here’s some inspiration for adorning your body with these incredible crayons this festival season!

Festival paint on back

hand paint

face paint

arm paint

Body crayons festival paint

Huge thanks to our beautiful intern Caroline for letting us deck out her skin as per usual! :)

Shop the Face Crayons and more festival accessories in our Festival Muse shop!

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9 years ago

great idea, especially for my teenager – she is such a FP girl! xoxo thanks!

9 years ago

Must. Have. Is it ok to say this will be a summer essential?!

9 years ago

Such a wonderful way to adorn yourself for the festival season! I love the idea of creating such free spirited designs upon whatever whim captures your fancy!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful idea and always gorgeous photos!!!

The Weaver of Words …. Give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

9 years ago

Love!!! Where can I find some body crayons?

9 years ago

Beautiful! Love this idea :)


9 years ago

I also love using liquid eyeliner in a variety of colors. It stays in place longer and you can achieve a richer color. Right now I am drawn to Lush’s Emotional Brilliance makeup line. Try their gold liquid eyeliner called Fantasy :)

9 years ago

Ooo good tip Hannah – about the liquid eyeliner. I have some waterproof liquid eyeliner that would be perfect. I rarely use it so this would be a good purpose for it.

9 years ago

love love.

9 years ago

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