Have A Spring Brunch Party

Have a brunch party this spring. It’s only right.

The sun will be shining, the birds will be chirping.

You’ll send out handmade invitations — no texting here. Each one unique, with its own personalized touch. On antiqued paper, with a little piece of nature, and your very own handwriting to convey a sweet message. Now, who could say no to that?

Homemade invitations

You’ll wear that long, flowing maxi; that incredible straw hat; those genius clogs you’ve been aching to strap onto your feet.

Brunch outfit, sunny patio

(Day dress, straw hat, clog.)

You’ll fill up the table with eclectic decor. You’ll serve chilled avocado soup in little glass bowls, and pour fruit-infused water into herb-rimmed glasses.

Chilled avocado soup

Chilled avocado soup

(Full recipe here.)

Infused water

(Infused water recipes here and here.)

Herb rim glasses

(Herb ring how-to here.)

You’ll laugh with your friends about that one time, and that other time… you’ll plan your next trip together… you’ll lounge under the beating rays… someone might knock a glass onto the patio, and you’ll laugh about that, too. When good company is around, there’s hardly such a thing as something gone wrong. Spring is a time for togetherness outside. And brunch is the perfect excuse to do it.

Have a brunch party this spring, even if you’ve never hosted a party before. I promise, you’ll be happy you did it.

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7 years ago

Exactly how I was planning to spend my Easter. :)


7 years ago

Ahhh. That looks so beautiful. Birthday plans made!!