Dome Sweet Home

The importance of taking time for you can never be overlooked. Make your home a space where you love to be – a space with no boundaries, no walls, no rules… a place that inspires your deepest dreams. Wake up with the morning light and drape yourself in soft kimonos and intimates, dance to the music in your head, and let your soul guide you through the day. If it tells you to paint, paint. If it tells you to write, write. Open up the windows, bring plants and nature inside, so that the transition from outside to inside becomes seamless. Just a constant flow of energy, as you take in nature’s sweet breath and reflect it back out into the world with your own creative endeavors.

kelley ash free people

dome sweet home

kelley ash free people

Desert Wanderer Maxi Kimono

dome sweet home

Arrow Cuff, Large Calder Cuff, Filigree Statement Stone Ring.

kelley ash free people

Border Print Bell Bottoms, Fringe Lace Cami.

dome sweet home

Eyelet Boyshort, Strappy Back Bra, Printed Balloon Sleeve Soft Jacket.

kelley ash free people

FP New Romantics Kahlo Tank, Owen Relaxed Straight Leg.

dome sweet home

kelley ash free people

Photography: Anthony Nocella

Hair/Makeup: Emily Nickrent

Special thank you to Kathrin Smirke


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Love those vintage kilim pillows-the faded earh tones are gorgeous


that hair!

Ohhh wow!! Those red pants, stunning!!
Xx, Tiffany |



The clothes and styling in this shoot are amazing! I love the idea of making the home a place for creativity, relaxation, and meditation. It should be unique and reflect your own personal style.

xo Katie

Free to be ME! Love this xxx

I love everything about this photo-shoot! The muted tones in the decor, the clothing, and even the model’s fabulous hair! I can’t agree more about home needing to be a place where one can express themselves without limits or boundaries. Thanks for this great shoot!

Oh, and i forgot to add the beautiful lighting. I think that makes this shoot even more amazing than it already is.

Beautiful pictures! I would love to know which dress the first and the last one is (maybe I did not look good, but I did not find a link)

I was wondering about that last dress too. Maybe FP doesn’t carry it? It could just be part of the set for the shoot, as the pillows etc. are.


Love everything about the set, clothes, model; and the idea of making your home creative & inspiring to your personality is brilliant!! Would love to blog for FP someday!!!!!!

Great shoot! I absolutely loved staying at the dome. Perfect place for a free people photoshoot!

My Dome! ❤️