Edible Flower Ice Pops

Flowers are certainly nature’s eye candy… but certain kinds are able to be eaten, too. So why not make ice pops with them?

I have always loved the way a suspended flower looks — like in these homemade flower soaps and pressed flower lollipops. It’s as if a beautiful moment of existence has been frozen for the rest of time. That’s exactly how I feel about these ice pops.

You have total control over every aspect of making these. Use any kind of juice or flavoring.. any kind of ice pop mold.. any kind of edible flower — just make certain the flowers you use are, in fact, totally edible.

Edible flowers

I used tulips and carnations — both of which have petals that can be eaten. Just make sure to remove them from the rest of the plant. You don’t want to use any flowers that have been exposed to pesticides or other chemicals, so make sure you know how and where they were grown. Other edible flowers include begonias, chrysanthemums, dandelions, day lilies, hibiscus, honeysuckle, marigolds, peonies, and roses. Again, do some research to make sure they’re edible — and to confirm which parts are edible. I found a good reference site for edible flowers here!

Edible flower petals

1. Once you have your flower petals, give them a nice rinse and put them into your ice pop molds. I didn’t have actual ice pop molds, so I used some little cups.

2. Then, pour in your ice pop mix. As a base, I used plain water with a bit of lemon juice, as well as some Stevia drops for sweetness. I then added in a bit of grape juice to some, using varying amounts for an array of shades. For others, I left the grape juice out.

3. Since I used cups for my ice pop molds, I covered them with tinfoil and then stuck a wooden stick in the center of each one. The tinfoil helps the sticks to stay in place. I froze them overnight, and they were ready come morning!

Steps for making flower ice pops

If you have trouble removing the frozen pops from the ice pop mold, you can run the outside under warm water for a few seconds, or simply place on the table in room temperature. They should loosen in no time.Flower ice pops

I can not get over how adorable these look. I especially love all of the colors together — so perfect for a daytime spring/summer party!

Flower ice pops diy

DIY flower ice pops

Edible flower ice pop

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9 years ago

May I just say, I absolutely adore your love for flowers. There’s always a good vibe flowing whenever I read any Bldg. 25 blogs, but specifically about flowers. There’s just something special that comes with them. It’s the nature of them I think. Like taking a piece of nature and being able to save it. Haha sorry, I got lost there. But this is most definitely a brilliant idea I will most likely try out :). Thank you.

9 years ago

yummm! i love making ice pops with blended up fresh fruit! its the perfect summer treat

9 years ago

so pretty! have to try this out.

9 years ago

Wow! These are gorgeous ! Such a great idea. I would love to try this for our blog: http://www.casaandcompany.com

9 years ago

This is a beautiful idea! <3

9 years ago

What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious familiarity about unpredicted feelings.

9 years ago

So cool! Looks so yun and pretty.

8 years ago

Super love these! So girlie can’t wait to try :)

5 years ago

This creative item would surely be the talk of the day for a all girls party.