Behind The Scenes With FP Pet Project & PAWS!

For the launch of our latest collection of FP Pet Project items, we wanted to do something special.

I’ve long been a supporter of the local non-profit organization, PAWS (you may recall some shoots featuring their adorable animals here on the blog).  PAWS, or the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, is the city’s largest no-kill shelter, and they also operate a low-cost clinic serving pet owners and rescue organizations that lack access to affordable basic veterinary care. Their mission is to make Philadelphia a place where every healthy and treatable pet is guaranteed a home, and they do an excellent job at it. I happen to have a PAWS rescue myself, and he’s the sweetest cat in the world.  We worked with PAWS to feature some of their rescue animals in our latest Pet Project shoot, in an effort to bring more awareness to the importance of rescue and fostering.  Here’s a peek behind the scenes of the shoot, and get to know a bit more about our models below!

*If you are interested in adopting one of the featured animals, or another dog or cat, you can email or call PAWS at 215-238-9901 ext. 30. Visit them online at

Scully, pug, 10 years old: Scully the pug is the perfect companion for someone who loves to laugh and cuddle.  Scully loves the color pink and hanging out in the passenger seat of the truck during road trips!

Blue, beagle, 2 years old: Blue is a sweetheart with soulful eyes that will melt your heart.  She loved the moon collar and also had a pretty huge crush on our FP Pet Project photographer!

Shoe, mixed breed: Shoe loves to socialize with other animals, and had such a blast at our shoot! He wanted to be the star of every photo, and is especially a fan of hanging out the window on car rides.

Simba, pit bull terrier mix, 1 year old: Simba loves belly rubs and cuddles — he’s looking for a home full of love and a human to give him lots of attention! He’s also pursuing a side career as a model — he’s a natural in front of the camera.

blue pup

paws fp pet project

paws fp pet project


pup in the truck

paws fp pet project

Blue meets home office pup Homer!

paws fo pet project

fp pet project paws

pups drinking water

all of dogs

things outside of truck

puppy on leash

julia feeding skully


truck things

ashleyholding skully

pup and shoes

skully in the truck

pic of blue

holding pup

blue and julia

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I am SO happy to hear that FP supports adopting pets as well as no-kill. Here is LA the pets killed on a daily basis, puppy mills, and breeders are out of control. So many lovable pets are killed on a daily basis because someone decides to support puppy mills instead of adopting.. I’m glad to see that there are people like PAWS on the East coast! Thank you for sharing. Adopt, don’t shop! :)

This is fantastic! Rescues make such amazing pets. My 5 yr old yellow lab, Abby, is a rescue from the south. She is such a precious pup, and an amazing companion.



Rescuing is the best decision I ever made. Love that you guys are on board. Beautiful photos and sweet pups!

Amazing, what gorgeous dogs!