Free People Horoscopes By Tracy Allen, Week Of April 14-20

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aries star sign illustrationARIES
March 21–April 19
The planets aren’t making it easy for you to get your thoughts straight this week. Mental Mercury in Aries has run-ins with five other planets, creating quite a long list of things that might unsettle your brain. This can be a stimulating period that shakes things up and gets you excited about change, but it can also produce anxiety and frustration. Family expectations may be at odds with your need to break free, and on a more subtle level, your recent interest in security and putting down roots is also apt to conflict with your restlessness. Your career path is in flux, and part of your urge to instigate change stems from wanting to have a say in your future instead of being at the mercy of external conditions like the job market. A lunar eclipse in your relating zone reminds you that you’re not operating in a vacuum and must factor in the feelings and needs of the people in your life. Any ensuing shift in your relationships can be traced back to the shift taking place in your identity. If the need for an ending becomes apparent, let it be. Much of your energy is geared toward starting new things, and you have to make space somehow.

taurus star sign illustrationTAURUS
April 20–May 20
This week’s lunar eclipse lands in your health-and-duties sector, destabilizing your daily routine to draw your attention to an area that’s due for a change. Consider what will improve your job, fitness, diet, health, time management, skills, habits, work ethic and efficiency. Aim for more balance between your busyness in the outside world and tending to the inner world of spirit and imagination. Decipher what shift needs to take place in the coming months and align yourself with it to make the eclipse a more positive experience. Your attitude has been pretty positive lately, but your brain could be flooded now by the prospect of change—scary change, exciting change, change you can’t control, change you can’t predict, change that you want. Luckily, your ruling planet Venus, currently transiting your group house, is harmonizing with Jupiter and Pluto, so socializing, networking and pondering new hopes will offer relief from the tension. With doer Mars retrograde, it’s difficult to take effective action that will make you feel like you’re heading in the right direction. But feeling connected to other people and to a higher purpose in the world brings satisfaction that can get you through this stressful period.

gemini star sign illustration 2GEMINI
May 21–June 20
Mercury has potentially stressful meetings with five other planets this week, and it’s likely you’ll experience parallel friction in your life. This is a challenging week for everyone, so try not to take anything too personally. Drama with friends is one possibility, since Mercury is based in your group zone at the moment and linking with live-wire Uranus, shifting your brain into overdrive and making you impatient. You’re thinking about new goals and feeling antsy and rebellious. Individualism versus groupthink is a theme, with the lunar eclipse landing in your self-expression house. A source of pleasure like a love affair or creative project may reach fruition. The need to find what makes you happy and fulfill your unique potential is strong, but the strain between differentiating yourself from others and fitting in could get to you. Jupiter in your worth sector is prodding you to figure out what you really need in order to achieve your goals, and you may be overreaching. You’re building up your confidence and resources, but could be frustrated by teamwork and partnership if people have been unreliable or controlling. In the long run though, becoming who you were meant to be will facilitate genuine connections with others.

cancer star sign illustrationCANCER
June 21–July 22
Cancer, as the first water sign, is considered cardinal, and it’s imbued accordingly with initiatory energy. Each cardinal sign is hosting at least one planet now, and this month they’re assembling a highly dynamic grand cross, forming 90ª and 180ª angles to each other. Three out of four are already in place, creating a T-square, with Jupiter squaring Uranus and opposing Pluto. Your impetus to grow beyond the boundaries of your old identity, the shakeup of major goals, the slow transformation of how you relate to people—these parts of your life are rubbing up against each other. You’re seeking more freedom, but the unpredictability of your life direction and the degree of control you have to cede to others probably makes it seem as if your quest is compromised. Finding an acceptable compromise may be the best thing you can do now. The lunar eclipse at the bottom of your chart calls for balance between your personal and public selves. Strong emotions, a domestic crisis or family drama remind you that matters closer to home need as much attention as your more worldly pursuits. What gives you comfort and grounds you? Give the private part of you that comes out when you’re home alone its due.

leo star sign illustrationLEO
July 23–August 22
This week’s lunar eclipse could bring sibling drama, a piece of news, or activity connected with travel, community or writing. Pay attention to what is being brought to light, as it’s meant to change your mind in some way. A line of thinking has reached its limit and needs to give way to a fresh perspective. The way we think and talk is largely habitual, and the eclipse can get you out of a cognition-and-communication rut, although that may not seem like what’s happening. The stress of this week will make you want to react by doing something, but the moon’s location in your chart suggests it’s more important that you learn something. Sometimes you need to question entrenched beliefs that can block your path to truth. You’re relying on your faith, perhaps more than you realize, to keep you centered amidst unpredictable ups and downs and the slow deep rumblings of change. It seems so all-or-nothing at times like this, as if well-placed faith guarantees success and misplaced faith spells failure. Don’t direct your energy at the end point of knowing what to believe in. Focus instead on the quest itself—your search for meaning and understanding.

virgo star sign illustrationVIRGO
August 23–September 22
With Mercury in your depth sector, your mind is trying to penetrate to the heart of a matter. But Merc is getting it from all sides, making it hard for you to think and communicate without weighing various competing factors. There’s too much flying around for you to break it all down in your head and come to a decisive conclusion, and you may not be able to avoid a misunderstanding. Don’t worry if you can’t make perfect sense of everything, and try not to get hung up on what’s right or who’s right. When the planets are fighting like they are now, the tension plays itself out between and within people, and it’s not your job to fix it. The lunar eclipse wants you to get back to the basics of what you have and what you need. A change in your resources can bring about a necessary adjustment in your values, your use of talents or your source of income. This eclipse highlights what belongs to you versus what you share with and get through others. Your self-worth is in the crossfire of a Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto battle. Get through it by finding strength in your integrity.

libra star sign illustrationLIBRA
September 23–October 22
It’s a dramatic week for you, with the lunar eclipse in Libra exposing your emotions and needs. The eclipse could trigger a personal crisis, especially if you’re running yourself ragged trying to manage everything that’s coming at you. Dealing with April’s planetary stresses by taking action, implementing changes, starting things—that seems like a sensible response. Unfortunately, it isn’t the answer. Mars is driving you, but he’s retrograde, impeding forward progress. Find a safe atmosphere for letting your feelings out. Talking may help, though you’ll need to accept an imperfect—even messy—balancing act between you and others rather than effortless harmony. The moon in your sign signals you to honor your needs, and its opposition to the sun and Mercury in your relationship angle asks you to respect someone else’s as well. The eclipse can bring something to light, to fruition or to a close. It’s time for a change in your identity. Your old self-image is maxed out in some way that only you can understand. Sweep out the debris, clearing a space for neglected aspects of your personality to emerge. Work and health are positives this week, but your career goals need to be tweaked to suit the new you.

scorpio star sign illustrationSCORPIO
October 23–November 21
The sun, Mercury and the magnetizing south node of the moon are in your efficiency zone, and ambitious Saturn is still in Scorpio, so odds are you’re trying to navigate your way through April’s choppy waters by working like crazy. Your mind is focused on the tasks at hand—as much as it can be when mental Mercury is in confrontations with half the planets. Pluto is going retrograde in your cognition sector, so your brain is processing strong emotions on a subterranean level. Merc’s disagreements with Saturn and Pluto this week exacerbate the frustrating divide between your current duties and the powerful plans in your head. You’re busy crossing things off your to-do list, but notice that you’re also honing your craft and moving toward your vision, albeit in fits and starts. The lunar eclipse in your spirit sector beckons you to tend to your inner life. Unconscious needs, repressed feelings and the murmurings of the soul require your attention, and the challenge is to find a balance between your ego-based strivings in the outer world and your spiritual instincts and intentions. Secrets of the subconscious may come to light now, and an ending could finally culminate. Release something or someone from your grip, to clear the way for fulfilling a deeper purpose.

sagittarius star sign illustrationSAGITTARIUS
November 22–December 21
Your ruler Jupiter has been in your sharing sector since last summer, bringing about psychological transformation, growth through partnership, spiritual regeneration, faith in someone close to you or benefits from outside sources. It’s interacting with several other planets this week, which may test your characteristic optimism. Jupiter expands whatever it comes in contact with, so there could be some type of blowup, and the lunar eclipse further increases the odds of drama. The eclipse hits your network house, potentially impacting the circle of people in your life, such as friends, professional contacts, a club or other organization. A connection may end or your place in a group will change. As your goals and interests change, so will your role—and so will the people you belong with. This opposition between the sun and moon pushes you to balance your energy between sources of personal joy (romance, creativity, children, hobbies) and being part of something beyond yourself. You’ll be tempted to cope with April’s tension by denying it to some degree or by convincing yourself or others that you have more answers than you do. But let the planetary battles play out, because you stand to learn something—and what more could a Sag ask for?

capricorn star sign illustrationCAPRICORN
December 22–January 19
Pluto has ever so slowly been making his way through your sign, subjecting you to an internal transformation that ranges from subtle and disquieting to a life-and-death struggle. No one but you knows what you’re going through, and now that Pluto’s turning retrograde, this process burrows further underground. Since Pluto is one of the key players in April’s planetary tension, you’re bound to feel it. Pluto triggers your survival instinct, so it seems like you have everything to lose and need to fight for control, or at least do something. Each of the cardinal signs (given to initiating) has one or more planets in it now, and they’re all trying to get something started, but they’re forming hard angles to each other and working at cross-purposes. Your family or domestic rollercoaster and your high expectations of others are likely stressors that could get you to overreact. The lunar eclipse at the top of your chart will bring career news, the fruition of a goal, a change in leadership or parental drama. Try to keep your cool in public, as your reputation is being tested. Your life direction is due for a shift, so pay attention to what transpires this week, as it’s likely to point out a fork in the road.

aquarius star sign illustrationAQUARIUS
January 20–February 18
You could be feeling on edge, due to frenetic Mercury in your thinking sector having tense encounters with several other planets this week. Your brain is working quickly, thanks to Merc’s meeting with your ruler Uranus, but nervous tension is the downside. Make the most of your inventiveness and flashes of insight, and do what you can to soothe your mind. Uranus can bless you with brilliance or curse you with insanity, and you can’t predict its effect or control it. So find a way to ride out the ups and downs in your head. Something as simple as a mantra can help. If you’re overwhelmed with work or the demands of daily life, that’s sure to trigger anxiety now, as excessive Jupiter in your duties zone prods Uranus. You have a lot on your plate and could feel undermined by someone, but it’s also possible that you’re unconsciously sabotaging yourself. The lunar eclipse in your beliefs house suggests a crisis of faith, an overwhelming need for freedom or the culmination of something connected with travel, education, publishing or justice. A long-held viewpoint may be hitting its expiration date, and the eclipse intends to shift your perspective.

pisces star sign illustrationPISCES
February 19–March 20
You’re on a quest for personal fulfillment, but Jupiter is fighting with Uranus and Pluto this week, rattling your confidence and your sense of control over the future. Those two things have already been shaken up in the last few years, and you’re riding out the ups and downs as best you can. Even though you’re motivated to live up to your potential, contribute something special to the world and share love, you’re all too aware of everything that has the power to work for or against you. Whatever you need—a bigger paycheck, a leg up from the right people, cooperation from a partner, a grant, support from your friends—it can make you feel vulnerable to depend on various things going right. Luckily Venus is in Pisces and clicking with Jupiter, so a rush of love, joy, creativity and playfulness should boost your spirits and assure you that your dreams are within reach. The lunar eclipse could bring a flare-up over trust, sharing, taxes, joint resources, sex, jealousy or debt. A shift in this area will likely follow. What you need from someone else or from an outside source needs to be balanced with what you have and can get for yourself.

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7 years ago

Where is this quote from?

7 years ago

These are my favorite horoscopes on the internet… thoughtful, accurate, positive but gently guiding,,, thanks!

7 years ago

This is SPOT on. Thank you. I needed this. My life is upside down right now, but reading this gave me a little hope. Namaste!!!

7 years ago

I’m in love with Tracy ‘s horoscopes but this week they are more than accurate, thank you so much for sharing this every week! Couldn’t you ask Tracy to do a profile for each sign that would be amazing to read!

7 years ago

Thank you, Tracy!
I definitely needed these words right now.

7 years ago

Thank you, Tracy!
I definitely needed these words right now.

7 years ago

I can TOTALLY relate to this:
It’s time for a change in your identity. Your old self-image is maxed out in some way that only you can understand.
Thanks Tracy. This gives me more momentum to move forward!

7 years ago

Mine feels pretty spot on! Crazy!

7 years ago

i await sundays for this Tracey! Thank you!

7 years ago

Tarah: The quote is from the Leo forecast.
I’m happy to hear people are getting something from their horoscope. This is such a tough month! I hope everyone weathers the eclipses and cardinal grand cross well. Embracing change is essential. Let me know (here or on Twitter @astrotherapist) how you’re doing…xxTracy