Free People Horoscopes By Tracy Allen, Week Of April 28–May 4

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zodiac sign illustrationTAURUS

April 20–May 20

A solar eclipse in Taurus clicks with four other planets this week, helping you to turn the page and start a new chapter. The eclipse’s alignment with cerebral Mercury makes it easier to think through what changes are in order, and with Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto increasing the momentum, you can make a significant shift. An optimistic attitude, an empowered vision of the future and meaningful new hopes fuel your reinvention. Your appearance, personality, demeanor or approach to new things and people is ready for some modification. Try to become more aware of your concept of yourself and the way you come across to people. What are the discrepancies between the two? What would you like to change about how you see yourself and how others see you? It’s time to deepen and expand your identity—to redefine you. With Venus entering your seclusion sector, you’ll begin to crave peace and quiet, work behind the scenes on a creative project or spend time alone with someone you love.


zodiac sign illustrationGEMINI

May 21–June 20

This week’s solar eclipse lands in the last house of your chart and teams up with your ruler Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto, stoking the engine of change. Your spiritual practice may undergo a shift in the coming months, or if you’re not particularly spiritual, you may grow to be. Something could surface from your subconscious or your intuition might kick in. A chance to let go or to sacrifice something may be imminent. The need to unwind and check in with your inner world of imagination, spirit and emotion could become more apparent. Going forward, make sure you’re carving out time for a healthy means of escape such as reading. Positive self-esteem, worthwhile goals and powerful psychological transformation will all support whatever change the eclipse brings. With Mercury opposing Saturn now, your words or thinking are being tested. Amiable Venus is seguing into your group zone, so say yes to opportunities to socialize in the coming weeks.



zodiac sign illustrationCANCER

June 21–July 22

The sun, the moon and the lunar nodes align this week, forming a solar eclipse. This eclipse falls in your group house and syncs with Mercury (in the same house), Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune in your vision sector and Pluto in your relationship angle. Your personal growth, a search for spiritual truth, your evolving outlook, a powerful person, the transformation of your way of relating to people, increasing self-knowledge and confidence—all of these can influence the shift that the eclipse is meant to bring about. That shift concerns friendships, affiliations with organizations, professional networking, philanthropy, new objectives, your role in a group or your social life. It will play out in the coming months, but you are likely to get a hint of it this week. Mercury’s involvement is fortunate, because it boosts your perception of what’s going on and your ability to think through what needs to change. With Venus climbing to the top of your chart, your professional profile should be favorable this month.


zodiac sign illustrationLEO

July 23–August 22

Your ruler the sun joins with the moon and the moon’s nodes at the top of your chart this week, creating a solar eclipse. Something may be changing at your job or in your industry or in the life of an authority figure like your boss or parent. Take a fresh look at your career, your goals, your life direction and your public reputation. With mental Mercury in your ambition angle, optimistic Jupiter in your subconscious sector, spiritual Neptune in your sharing zone and powerful Pluto in your work sector all backing the eclipse, there’s a huge amount of momentum for a professional shift. It would be a good idea to formulate a new plan for success now without taking any immediate action, since doer Mars is still retrograde and quarreling with the eclipse. Your family, home life or underlying emotional state may threaten to keep your ambition in check. But with Venus dancing into your expansion house, keep envisioning and believing.



zodiac sign illustrationVIRGO

August 23–September 22

A solar eclipse joins up with Mercury in your exploration zone this week and also gets strong support from several other planets. It’s time to push beyond the limits of your comfort zone and have new experiences. You may travel to other countries in the coming months or encounter people from different cultures who can teach you more about the world. It’s important to seize opportunities to learn and grow and change your perspective. Jupiter is suggesting that a positive attitude toward humanity and an expanding network of people in your life will help to broaden your horizons. Neptune hints that empathy for others and a sense of spiritual connectedness will also help. And Pluto indicates that deep love, empowered self-expression and an evolving idea of what will make you happy can also contribute to a bigger and better vision of your future. Seek adventures that open your mind. Lurking pessimism could quash your enthusiasm, but try to use it to weigh and organize your thoughts.


zodiac sign illustrationLIBRA

September 23–October 22

This week brings a solar eclipse in your sharing-and-regeneration house, signifying a change in a particular area of life in the coming months. Something may transpire involving debt, loans, grants, inheritance, taxes, your partner’s finances or some other type of joint resources. Or a new development concerning trust, sexuality or closeness could unfold. You may begin to delve deeply into something new like a research project or a psychological issue. Personal regeneration and healing should move forward more quickly now. Jupiter’s connection with the eclipse indicates that big goals, a wider career path or faith in your success will play a role. Neptune implies that a desire to be of service to people, a longing for more meaningful work or letting go of unhealthy habits is also key. And Pluto suggests that deep emotional change or transforming your relationship to the past or your family is another factor. With your ruler Venus crossing your relationship angle, your rapport with others grows warmer.


zodiac sign illustrationSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

A solar eclipse in your one-on-one angle this week signals a change unfolding in the next six months. A close friendship, business partnership or serious romantic relationship could begin, improve or dissolve. Your relationship dynamics are apt to shift, and your desire to maintain meaningful bonds is likely to increase. Meeting someone who will play a significant role in your life is another possibility. The eclipse’s alignment with Mercury makes it easier to pick up on hints of what’s to come, and it also facilitates communication and productive thinking. Jupiter’s link to the eclipse stresses the importance of optimism, courage, learning and looking to the future. Neptune’s involvement alludes to romantic love, creative expression and a longing for happiness. And your ruler Pluto is collaborating with the eclipse, emphasizing that an empowered mindset is key. The work you’ve been doing on yourself has isolated you, and you need to reconcile personal growth with closeness and connection. Venus is entering your improvement zone, encouraging you to work on relationship problems in May.


zodiac sign illustrationSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

This week’s solar eclipse harmonizes with Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto, ushering in changes connected to your health, job or daily routine. It’s an ideal time to think about creating new habits, altering your diet, improving your fitness, managing your time better, switching jobs or getting more satisfaction from your current one, cultivating positive relationships with colleagues, refining your skills, learning new methods, incorporating healthier practices into your day, taking on new responsibilities or improving something about yourself. Any such change is likely to be aided by: the support or wisdom of someone close to you; letting go of something from the past such as a family behavior pattern; a transforming self-image; and an empowered financial approach. Mental Mercury is aligned with the eclipse, facilitating productive thought. But action-oriented Mars is retrograde and out of sync with the eclipse, so it’s not advisable to do anything drastic right now, even if you are able to figure out what needs to change. Write it down rather than taking action.


zodiac sign illustrationCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

This week’s solar eclipse falls in your love-and-happiness zone and receives support from Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. A new romance, source of joy, creative project, artistic outlet, leisure activity or route to personal fulfillment is apt to begin in the next six months. Meet the universe halfway and think about the love in your life, what makes you happiest, how you express your uniqueness, what you do for fun and your connection to your playful inner child. Considering that Mars is in your goals angle fighting with the eclipse, it may feel like none of these things blend easily with your ambition. But faith in others, generosity of spirit in your relationships, an empathic attitude, flexible thinking and a determination to transform yourself from the inside out will all help you to move forward in terms of creativity, personal satisfaction and matters of the heart. Your own pleasure may seem opposed to groupthink at the moment, but don’t talk yourself out of anything yet.


zodiac sign illustrationAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

A solar eclipse in your roots angle gels with several other planets this week, so it has extra impetus to bring about change in your living situation, your family or your emotional state. In the coming months, you might make significant home improvements or reorganize your space, move, buy or sell a place or live with someone new. Something in your family dynamic may shift or a new development with a parent could affect you. Emotional patterning from childhood can become unstuck, your relationship to memories may adjust or you could make a leap forward in your ability to take care of yourself. Your inner sense of security can be strengthened by enthusiastically taking on plenty of work, getting in touch with your deeper values and facing down difficult psychological issues. Reflecting on home, family and feelings may not seem to mesh with your responsibilities in the outside world. But pleasant interactions and finding beauty in your everyday surroundings will help you keep a positive attitude.


zodiac sign illustrationPISCES

February 19–March 20

With a solar eclipse in your communication house this week, you could get some important news in the next six months or you may start expressing yourself in a different way, perhaps beginning a new writing project. This house also rules your mindset, siblings and environment. A fresh attitude is called for, and you’re encouraged to become a more curious person, especially with inquisitive Mercury conjunct the eclipse. Local travel could increase or you could become more involved in your community. A new development with a brother or sister is possible, and if there are problems in your relationship with a sibling, this is a good time to make a fresh start. Thinking differently and getting your point across in a new way are connected with a belief in what you have to contribute, expanding your creativity and seeking a more empowered role with others. You don’t need to do anything right this second; you need to ponder productively.



zodiac sign illustrationARIES

March 21–April 19

This week’s solar eclipse in your worth sector joins forces with mental Mercury, indicating that it’s time to take a fresh look at your finances, values, talents, possessions or self-esteem. Impulsive Mars and unpredictable Uranus aren’t in accord with the eclipse, so if you’re tempted to do something rash like overspend or argue, resist the urge. Luckily, the eclipse is getting a major boost from Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto, facilitating its potentially positive effects. A stronger self-image that stems from your determination to do something to change the world for the better; your willingness to let go; and your inner growth. Making more use of your natural gifts, shifting your career path, improving your sense of security and your faith. Creating a new budget that allows you to improve your living situation. Changing your financial outlook by changing your career goals. These are just some of the possible permutations that may follow. And with Venus moving into Aries, it gets easier to draw in what you want.


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Laura De Leon
6 years ago

Hi, my cat gave birth a week & one day ago to 5 kittens (2 babies didn’t make it) I’ve noticed that for the past 2 days she has lost appetite & she meows a lot (she sounds weak & not her usual self) & I have been praying a lot bc I think that maybe a placenta stayed in her & that’s what’s making her sick (that can cause her to die). Anyways today I was w her & opened the door to see if maybe going outside made her feel better & in that moment I saw a huge white bird flying over our apartment complex towards the building across from us, I thought it had a meaning so I’m asking if anyone knows what the meaning of the white bird could be?? Thank u! :)

6 years ago

@ Lauren De Leon

I don’t meant to be rude, but get your cat fixed. Also, you think your cat is sick and could be dying, yet you are concerned about the meaning of a bird flying over your apartment? Get off the internet and take your cat to the vet! Then adopt her out to someone else who will take better care of her.