About A Girl: Meet Naomi

Naomi is the type of girl you want to know — and she wants to know you, too. 

She’s the PR Specialist here at Free People, and she is one of the most genuine, people-loving, down-to-earth humans I’ve ever come to know. She is always creating, and always seeking to better something — whether that’s her own health, the state of the earth beneath her feet, or the happiness of the others who walk it. This girl is a true gem!

She lives here in Philadelphia with her boyfriend Adam. The two of them are absolute masters at all things food — from growing and cooking it to plating it up beautifully and photographing it for all to enjoy. On this particular morning, they whipped up a delicious breakfast that we all (thoroughly) enjoyed while laughing and chatting around their quaint dining room table. Here’s a peek into Naomi’s world!

Minimalistic bedroom decor

Naomi, my love! Tell everyone what you do here at Free People, and how you found your way here!

I’m the PR Specialist at Free People. I started interning here my senior year of college, and then was lucky enough to stick around. My role has had a few faces in my time here, but right now I focus on all things press related. I help communicate campaigns, develop stories, place samples with media, work with bloggers, plan events, and come up with as many creative ideas as I can.

Naomi in kitchen

Macrame wall hanging

Kitchen windowsill

You’re a girl of many talents — it seems that almost every day you’re starting something new, whether that’s growing your own food, green-ifying your home, making your own makeup, bringing your man to yoga, or taking gorgeous photos. If you had to pick a favorite hobby of all, which would it be? Could you even choose?

Oof that’s tough! If I had to choose, I guess I would say photography. It’s kind of cheating because photography lets me explore all of those other things you just listed. Photography is being curious and capturing that intrigue. I get to plant the garden, make sh*t, seek out new experiences and document it all in ways that I find beautiful. And then I get to go back to those photos and remember what I learned or how I felt as it all was happening.

Adam flipping potatoes

Omlette, potatoes, salad

How do you balance all these projects with your work, love, and your social life?

I don’t know that I ever think about it too much. They’re all parts of me – cravings I have to satisfy if you will. I make sure that I have time for each and every thing because I know I’ll be unhappy without it. If I’m missing a friend, I hang out with them or give them a call. My boyfriend and I both have very different schedules, so when we’re not together we miss each other like crazy, and making time for each other is a must. At work and in my freelance projects, I’m not going to lie, I’m a planner. I hate procrastinating – it stresses me out – so I always give myself a buffer. I try to know what I’m going to do when, and be realistic with my deadlines. I also know when to shut it off, and just enjoy life which helps me balance it all.

Windowsill cacti

Girl watering fern

Cat on table

Guy playing guitar

You seem to find so much joy meeting new people – perhaps more than anyone I know. What is it you love the most about talking to strangers? What advice would you give to those who might feel too shy to introduce themselves to someone new?

I want to know and see everything, but I also know that that’s not possible. So I live vicariously through people, and I grow from the conversations that I have with them. Every person holds something different, and I love finding out what that is. I also think it’s ok to be shy though. Shy people hold a certain strength because when they speak, people really listen. They tend to observe more, and I think that helps to understand the world in a profound way. But if people are shy because they’re scared, that’s silly. Nobody is any more or any less than you. What are you so afraid of?

Bikes on wall

Guy in living room

Antlers mantle

Tell us about your New Year’s resolution! We’re already a few months into 2014… has it been a difficult one to stick with?

For those that don’t know, my New Year’s resolution is to live more sustainably (read about it here). It’s been both easy and hard. My wallet thanks me for not shopping as much, and I hate driving so I love me a peaceful subway ride. I’ve found that taking public transportation makes me feel a part of something. We all live side by side in this city, but you don’t always notice it until you come together to utilize a public asset. I also enjoy that I walk more. It lets me see things that I wouldn’t otherwise.

On the down side, I obviously love fashion (hello, I work at Free People) and not being able to buy new clothes has been a mind bender. I’ll get depressed because I can’t buy new pants to wear the exact outfit in my head. And I have big feet, so finding vintage shoes is a nightmare. I love vintage, but sometimes I just want something new so badly that it kills me!

In the end though, I’m thankful. It has made me realize the difference between a necessity and a luxury. I find that I make better use of what I already have. When the year is over, I may go back to buying some new things, but I think I’ll be a lot smarter about it.

Rings on dresser

Vintage boots against wall

What’s your personal philosophy of life?

Work hard, love a lot, and enjoy life – but do so in a way that has a positive effect on everyone and everything around you.

Free People Naomi and Adam

Red wall, wall decor

You’ve done quite a bit of traveling. Which place has been your favorite? Where to next?

My two favorite trips have been to Thailand and Paris. I want to go back to both as soon as I can. Next up on the list though (only because the plane tickets are actually booked) is Vancouver. I’m going to the Wanderlust Whistler festival, and then I’ll be spending a few days in the city. I’m stoked for the powerful presence that nature has in that corner of the world, and I hear that Vancouver is a blast. I think that it and I will have a lot in common. I’m also excited because this will be the first vacation I’ve done entirely on my own!

Window corner, plants

Describe the perfect Sunday. Who are you with? What are you doing? What outfit do you have on, and what tunes are gracing your ears?

The perfect Sunday involves: homemade breakfast (local & organic, of course), kisses, NPR, dog breath, easy jeans & an old tee, a long hike, exploring a new town, photo taking, more kisses, sunshine, windows down, My Morning Jacket, late night pizza, a chapter read, and falling asleep on my man.

Girl, incense, terrarium

Naomi and Adam

What does free mean to you?

To me, free is being able to go, say, do, and feel what, when, and where you want to.

Free People Naomi

A huge thanks to my girl Naomi and her man Adam for letting us into their home!

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It’s nice to learn a little more about these girls that we see in around the office shots or office style photos so often. Thanks for this Brigette! (I’d love one of these posts for each of the current bloggers).


You’re the best Naomi! Love this post, so cute.

YES, more of these PLEASE! It’s great reading and in a sense meeting girls which we have seen their name as contributors to the blog or just in office pics…this is great!


she sounds awesome! put into words so many things i’ve thought but haven’t been able to verbalize! Thank you for giving me the perfect way to try and explain to my sister she has no need to be shy because she’s afraid of what people will think of her! I love the way you put it into words and hopefully it can help her. And the “enjoy life- but do so in a way that has a positive effect on everyone and everything around you”… perfect. Of course you should enjoy life! but if you’re way of enjoying life hurts… Read more »

Aww I love this!! I’m so happy the rest of the world gets to know how awesome you are :)

<3 dani


yes, more posts like these, please! I think readers crave hearing from real people and their humble lives; the perfect outfits and adornments are appreciated, but not necessary for great content. thanks naomi, for a peek into your home and heart!

CUTE! I got to meet Naomi here in Toronto at the Grove Festival and she was the sweetest. So nice to see her beautiful space!


the pic of you three on the couch…I CAN’T

Aww this is so cute! I absolutely love her house and she and her boyfriend seem very happy! I am a similar new years resolution to be more mindful of my spending so I feel her pain but at the same time realize the benefits of living a more sustainable life. As always an amazing post, FP!

Krystal | http://www.moorekrystal.wordpress.com


Love it! So authentic, heartfelt, and happy. Thank you!

Gorgeous! What a beautiful interview of a beautiful person! I’ve always love getting a peak into people’s homes, so thank you so much for sharing this taste of Naomi and Adam’s creative abode! I love all the natural details; the plants and stones; the antlers and the masks; the rustic wood and metal work. The photo on the couch truly is priceless — and Adam flipping the veggies in the pan! I love it! I am so impressed to hear more about Naomi’s challenge for her year — what an all out inspiring post =)


Such a wonderful feature!!! I love Noami’s beautiful place, gorgeous photography, and her wonderful philosophy on love and life; of living authentically and sustainably. So very refreshing & real. Thank you for sharing.

The Weaver Of Words….give me 15 words & I’ll tell you a tale


Where do all of you girls get your tattoos? Noami’s big dipper tattoo is great, but I can never seem to find a tattoo artist that offers these types of tattoos (unique, constellations, native american, etc.). Tips?