All About The Gladiator

Nature grows when springtime comes around, and our footwear options do just the same. I can admit that I definitely wear boots all year round, but it’s nice to be able to expose our toes now and again. This year, we are all about the gladiator sandal.

gladiator sandals

Straps aplenty, buckles by the number, and mile high lace-ups…these are the details that make these sandals stand out from the rest. Gladiator styles can give a simple outfit that extra little bit it needs to make it showstopping. I have a few favorites that I’ve had my eye on for festival season, and I can’t wait to wear them throughout the spring and into the summer.

gladiators on ground

We are selling quite the variety at the moment. From low to high, I love all of the different options we have to choose from to suit any occasion.

red gladiator

Fredda Footbed

I am a sucker for red anything, and it is most definitely my favorite color to accessorize with. I love the Fredda Footbed sandal because it’s almost like the gladiator version of a Birkenstock. These are perfect to pair with a casual bottom like the Oil Stained Destroyed Boyfriend Jean.

gladiators and flowers

 Rae Sandal, Ironwork Flounce Slip

I think the Rae Sandal may be number 1 on my wishlist. I love the earthiness of this muted taupe color. A neutral color in a sandal as loud as this allows for a nice balance. Pairing these with something shorter, like the Ironwork Flounce Slip , makes for nice proportions.

boot and flower

The Novel Lace Up Heel is so badass. (Needs no further description.)

boho sandals

 FP ONE Ananda Print Maxi, Myla Embroidered Crossbody, Double Stone Ring, Gemma Ring, Tenecir Double Ring

A simple black sandal is essential for warmer weather. I really like the buckle detailing on the Senna Buckle Sandal.

girl in festival outfit

Decibel Tall Sandal, Pleated Tent Dress

Last but not least, the Decibel Tall Sandal is grade-A festival material. Throw on a flowy dress, draw on the body crayons and lace on up…set and ready.

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9 years ago

I love the rusty colors in the second to last picture.

9 years ago

So Completely Gorgeous….These sandals would definitely add interest & spice to an outfit made for a sunny day of music & fun. I especially love the red Fredda Footbed shoes!!!

The Weaver Of Words….give me 15 words & I’ll tell you a tale

9 years ago
9 years ago

The red fredda footbed!!! Love them. Great photos! I also love the novel lace up heels are amazing too! Love the brown leather.


9 years ago

I’m really getting into this ;)